Do You Know Where My Pants Are?

I go without goals like I go without pants. Uncomfortably.

~ Debby Simms

Uncomfortable is one way to describe what I am experiencing.

Yes, I have a competition on the horizon; the very far off horizon. And the pants that fit that dream are much smaller than what my medium sized arse can fit into right now.

I need pants that don’t require me to lay down on the bed and expel every single molecule of oxygen from my lungs just to get them done up.

This woman needs some ‘now’ goals.


Confession Time: I've lost my pants!

I have been brainstorming ideas, but I can’t come up with a darn thing. I don’t want to ‘lose 5 pounds‘ or ‘run a 10k’. There is nothing wrong with these things except they nearly put me into a coma.

donloree zzzz

Wake me up when we decide to do something audacious!

I love doing audacious and crazy things, its one of the reasons I started bodybuilding in the first place! When it comes time to bikini bite my fabulous bedazzled, purple bikini on again I am going to be beyond excited, but until that time gets closer I need some new adventures.

I am asking for your help in my quest to find some pants.

What audacious goal should I tackle while I train for my next competition in the far off distance?

Just don’t vote for a triathlon. I am looking for audacious, not near death! This is a very fine distinction, but a distinction nonetheless.

Do you know where my pants are?

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  1. PHOTOSHOOTS!!! Lots of them 😉 that’s what i vote for

  2. Do a 5k, but set a goal time. Let’s say your current mile time is a 9:00min/ mile, if you work to get your time under 24:00 for a 5k, then you are going to need to bust your tail to get your mile down to under 8:40. And that requires speed work, which means sprints, which means, smaller pants!

  3. A photoshoot is what I’m looking forward to. I had to push my competition back also. Its what needed to be done.

    • Dawn! I am so sorry to hear about you having to push back your comp. I can’t imagine how upset you must be. I checked out your blog and it looks like you need to have surgery? How long is the recovery for that? Wow lady. Photo shoot sounds like an awesome idea for you too. You didn’t give up on your dream, you’re just taking the longer and more healthy road to get there. How are you doing these days? Don’t give up! One day at a time gets you to go to really awesome places!

  4. HAHA “I am looking for audacious, not near death! ” love it. Hmmm….maybe a number of pull ups and squats that you have never surpassed by even half?

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