Unspoken Intention

Do you ever start your workout with thoughts in your head like:

  • Boy this sucks.
  • Wow. I hate this.
  • I will try…but I know I am not going to be able to finish.
  • This is too much.
  • As if I am going to do this…

If you answered ‘yes‘ to any of the above or have similar thoughts that run through your head; good news, you’re human!

Bad news, your words, whether spoken or not, become things.

Confession time.

I hate functional training. Give me two leg days a week over having a day of functional training. Who needs to be flexible and be able to move later in life? Right?


Every single time I have a functional training day I have put on a good front but on the inside I have complained, bemoaned, and made insidious remarks about the whole thing. Then when the training is horrible and I feel like crying in the middle of a superset of mountain climbers and pushups or holding a plank for 2 minutes is pure death, I wonder what happened.

My unspoken words became reality.

Today I tried something new. I did not allow for one moment of negativity or impossibility. I set my intention to be 100% compliant and no negative statements about training were allowed at the YMCA. There was no room for could, try, and  if possible; there was only room for will, do, and possible.

I took a stand.

I had pushups, mountain climbers, squat hops, crunches, pushup rows, and lying leg curls in supersets and I didn’t even flinch. Usually after the 15 minutes of 15 minutes of warm up killer cardio I start praying for the end of the world to come.

Today I welcomed the challenge with a fierceness that surprised even me.

And on the 9th superset when my core was turning into jello which makes a deceivingly simple lying leg curl nearly impossible, I soldiered on.

Arse up and curl in. And again and again until time is up.

And bless the ipod gods whoever they are!

I don’t know how it works, but ‘Eye of the Tiger’ randomly plays at the exact moment it is required to remind me to keep going.

What unspoken things do you tell yourself while training and in life?

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  1. I’ll argue that all training, done with good intentions, high intensity, and mindful form, is functional training. Just sayin’……

  2. Love me some functional training! If I’m struggling with a workout (or the idea of a particular workout), I remind myself that my body was designed to move and be strong. I am also learning to choose workouts I love. I don’t have time to do things I fundamentally do not enjoy!

  3. Good on ya Tiger!! I love this attitude and will try and do it myself, next time I’m on the Dreadmill…….. Ha ha ha! No, I will have to re-name it now – what about the Shredmill?? Keep it up!

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