Reason for a Raincoat

I am in Florida this week, hurricane and all, finishing my leadership coaching certification with John Maxwell. The other day I thought this arctic dwelling Figure Competitor was going to be swept away in an epic storm.

The thunder was so loud that it drowned out the morning keynote speaker.

Yup, I am the woman with the huge purse, weird name, and pink business cards that says ‘Bikini or Bust!‘ that nearly jumped out of her skin with very peal of thunder on Tuesday morning.

Dl elevator

Almonds, fruit, and chicken wraps all fit in my purse. Planning for success!

Instead of hiding all my ridiculousness, I am just embracing it. In fact, I am proud of it.

Almost every single person that I have met asks me the three same questions.

  • So what are you going to do with this training?
  • What is your market niche?
  • What have you gotten out of the training so far?

I have answers for all of the questions, but in some regard the real answer is, ‘Heck as if I know!

Here’s the thing, I have no idea what opportunities, people, and situations are around the corner.

What I do know is that I am going to be prepared whenever my path snakes around a corner. I may be surprised at what I find, but I will be ready.

Even if it is hurricane weather.

I had no idea why I brought my raincoat to Florida….but now I know. Hurricane; need I say more?

The things that you do every day in your life are preparing you for something; is it success or failure?

Success and failure take the same amount of time, so I vote for success!

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  1. Lori Forrester says

    My husband is there too and I’m a personal trainer. He was just telling me on the phone that I would LOVE this training because it’s so “where I’m at” right now in my life. SO wish I had gone with him now! Love that you are there! We’re huge Maxwell fans!

  2. Take care, DL. Your positive energy comes through this post about going with the unexpected & being open to future opportunities (in a focused way)!

    Best wishes & stay safe!


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