Change of Scenery

I spent the last seven days enjoying gorgeous beaches with my extended family.

When you spend 4 months of the year armpit deep in snow, waking up to this every day is a balm to your spirit.

oregon coast

Looks surreal!

I learned some fabulous things on vacation.

Community is Important.

There was no internet at the house we rented. *gasp*

Every morning at 4:30 am I kick the day off by tweeting with some of the most fit, committed, and positive people I know. Connecting with people and having accountability was basically non-existent. A week of not having that input was really hard. Living life together changes you for the better.

Luckily there was an open wireless connection in the area, but it required sitting on an electrical box in the midst of weeds and brambles or in the middle of the street to access it. You had better believe I was out there with my laptop throughout the week whenever I was able!

Wireless internet

Beach, coffee, and internet. What more could a girl want?

There is no such thing as ‘just one’.

Well ok, there is ‘just one‘ carrot stick, bell pepper, or broccoli. When it comes to junk food it is all or nothing in my world. There was caramel covered popcorn this week. I lied to myself and decided that I could just have one piece, after all its vacation…right?

The ‘just one’ changed from a piece to a bag….holy carb coma!

carmel corn

Eat me. EAT ME!!!

No Gym? No excuses.

We stayed really close to the beach, not the YMCA. My whole family was there, so driving 30 minutes each way to train every day seemed ridiculous. Besides, there was a natural weight room just down the road from the house we rented.

outdoor weight room

All the weights a girl could ever dream of!

Did you know you can curl a rock, row a boulder, and sumo squat a big rock? Yup, anything is possible.

hack stance

Heck, I even did slow tempo hack squats on a Donloree made hack platform. Ouchie!

Creativity results in clean eating.

My diet was rather wonky all week and I spent my macros on foods I normally don’t eat. But when we went to McDonalds I got creative and came up with a very clean solution! Chicken breast, apples, and walnuts. Perfect!

Ordering was a bit funny.

DL – Can I get a grilled chicken breast? Just the meat, not the sandwich.

Harried McDonald’s Employee – Uh, so no mayo then?

DL – No. Just the meat. No mayo, no bun, no toppings.

HME – So…just the meat and bun? A whole wheat bun?

DL– No bun. Chicken breast in a box. I know….totally strange!

HME – Ok then. So just a piece of meat?

DL -Yup. Perfection.

I love the lettuce garnish and Jon loved the yogurt!

Perfect small meal to keep me from getting hangry!

Sunsets and impromptu photo shoots are fun.

On the last night there was a glorious sunset and my hubby thought it would be fun to take pictures. Being the bodybuilding chick that I am I graciously offered to be the subject for the pictures. I was windblown to death, but all you can see are the shoulders, who can complain about that?

Donloree Sunset

Too funny!

There is no place like home.

I loved feeling like superwoman when I curled small boulders, walking on the beach for hours, and having flex in my diet for a week.

For a week.

There is a certain joy and purpose that comes from living with discipline; actually a freedom. How you spend your time is how you spend your life. I am glad to spend my life the way I do, striving to be the best woman I can be.

On the way home, we saw this billboard.


Forget what is behind, live fully today, and strive for what is tomorrow.

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  1. I LOVE that you trained with boulders! I would have loved to be a passer-by 🙂

  2. I cracked up bout the McDonald’s order. So … just a piece of meat?! LMAO

  3. Love the pictures thanks for sharing! That one if you at the beach is awesome!!!
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes somewhere and orders just the meat lol

  4. Three things Donloree!

    1) Beautiful beach! Looks so much like PEI 🙂 Glad you had a great time and way to go on improvising with workouts. Awesome and inspiring! Really makes me realize that I have zero excuses! I also haven’t been to the beach yet on PEI, how sad is that? This post makes me realize I take for granted the beauty which surrounds me. I get to see this all the time if I want to but choose not to!

    2) Your arms and shoulders are KILLER! Way to go 🙂 Love your pic!

    3) Also love the final picture “Live like there’s no yesterday!” LOVE IT!

    • Thanks Kimmy! I vote you go to the beach this summer; its amazing. PEI is on my list of places to go one day. Thanks for the compliment, I loved the picture too. lol! 😛

  5. Wow! Beautiful beach!!! So pretty. Ditto what Kimmy wrote. Thanks for sharing your vacation/experience! You are so AWESOME!!! 🙂

  6. You were amazing at the beach with the boulders, the running, walking the beach and being mondo agate hunter extraordinaire. It takes strength to hang in there against those brutal freezing waves and wait to grab the big one. Way to be gumbie! I love it.

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