Kinda Nutty, But It May Just Work!

Its no secret that I have a nut butter love affair.

I have zero self control. Put a jar of nut butter in front of me and I turn into the nut butter version of Cookie Monster….its not pretty.

Nut butter is officially my food nemesis

I’ve decided that having a nemesis makes life interesting and keeps me on my toes.

There is only one nut butter that I have met and not utterly adored, hazelnut butter. And thinking back, it may have had more to do with the texture more than the flavor. Nonetheless, I will not risk buying it again just in case I experience delayed nut butter twitterpation.

Once again I find myself overeating on the nut butter.

Suddenly I had a revelation. Perhaps its not the nuts, rather the butter that is the problem.

What if I just eat nuts?

Donloree almonds

Where have these been all my Figure Competitor life?

This is my tastiest solution to date.

I love the savory flavor and counting out 11 to munch on is way easier than trying to measure out 16 grams of a sticky butter. How do you put 5 grams of nut butter back into the jar? Heck as if I know, because it always just ends up in my mouth!

Counting to eleven is way easier.

Its kinda nutty, but I think it may just work!

Do you have a food nemesis? 

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  1. I too discovered blue diamond Almonds. I like the Smokehouse or the Wasabi & Soy Sauce flavors.

    As far as food nemesis – I have plenty of them (nemisi?)! (most of them are kind of on the odd side) Slim Jims, smoked oysters , popcorn, CranGrape juice, green olives, and Parmesan cheese.

    I can eat them all day long as snacks.

  2. Chocolate is my nemisis. I cannot even talk about it.

    I have adored getting to know actual nuts since going/exploring Paleo. Cashews, pecans, whole walnuts, macademias. I’m getting quite the collection in my cupboard! And I get more pleasure from eating the actual nut than I do the butter-version! Enjoy!!

  3. dude. nut butters and nuts are my nemisis. Through some chocolate in there and I am in BIG trouble. I heart my 1 T and rice cake I get in, oh, 15 minutes from now……………
    Darn their deliciousness

  4. I’m pretty sure all foods are my nemesis but I’d have to say Nutella is the worst, by far. I don’t even go down the same aisle in the grocery store, if I can help it. Somehow the buggering jar winds up in my cart and then basically i eat the whole thing over the course of two days. Peanut butter isn’t much better, but I am learning to restrain myself. Not well, mind you. It’s all a process.

  5. My nemesis?!? Peanut butter cereal…either Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch or Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puffins. Yes, I can eat the whole box….LITERALLY! It’s insane.

    I definitely find the nuts more satisfying than nut butters because of the texture. I AM a texture eater!! Hope it works out for you! ENJOY!!!

    • I can’t even imagine what would happen if I bought peanut butter cereal. There would have to be a ‘come to Jesus’ moment over that one too. lol!! The nuts and I are doing way better. I think we are going to be friends. Yay for new friends. 😉

  6. Nut Butters & cereal. I can’t buy cereal and not eat the entire box in 2 days. But honestly, you should try PB2. It can make things taste like PB, but you don’t wanna eat it with a spoon.. trust me!

    • Unfortunately me and the PB2 can’t be friends either! lol! I use it in WAY too many things and obsess about how else I could eat it. I do best when sticking to meat, vegetables, and fruits. ARGH! 😀

  7. I came by from Sheri’s blog. I gave up nut butters… yep – nemesis. Nuts themselves are not a big problem for me but they are one food I actually weigh out to be sure I don’t overeat.

  8. I have absolutely no control over myself when it comes to nuts so I completely understand!!

    C x x

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