I am so smart! SMRT!

On Saturday I took the written portion for my Personal Training Certification. I studied like a mad woman and memorized as many bones and muscles as I could. While I trained I referred to all my muscles in my head by their proper names and even commanded them to do things in a style reminiscent of getting in trouble as a small child.

Teres minor, get your act together and participate. This is a job for all of us. How in the world am I supposed to grow wings and fly if you don’t come out and do your part? Smarten up.

There were things in the book and study guide that I didn’t really go over that much. Things like how to set SMART goals and what the 5 main benefits of strength training are.

After all, those are really obvious….right?

Obvious until its a huge part of the test and heck as if I can remember what SMART stands for.


SMART goals?! Really? That's really on the test? Not where the quadratus lumborum originates?

I don’t set SMART goals, instead I set DAFT goals. You can read all about it today on The Get in Shape Girl’s blog where I talk about ‘Knowing Where You Are Going’.

Turns out women that set DAFT goals pass their tests with flying colors!

I’m so excited to start training and coaching women who want to get healthy inside and out!

DAFT is the new black!

Who else is embracing their DAFT self?

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  1. How did the exam go other than the SMART goals? I write my exam this Saturday. Starting to get really nervous now though. Are all the major muscles on the exam? Do I need to know them?

    • It went really great! There are some muscles and bones on the exam, but you don’t have to label a skeleton or anything. PHEW! Know how to set up a plan for a client, your exercises, stretches, and the general information and you’ll be golden. Are you taking the prep class with Mark? That would help for sure!

      • I’m glad the exam went great for you!! Yes, I am taking the exam prep on Friday. I’ll have to study up a bit on the names of stretches. Thanks!

  2. atta girl!! way to go on your test!

  3. Wahooo! Get it, girl! 🙂

    I’m studying now- haven’t set a date for my test… Excited to follow your progress! 🙂

  4. Love your DAFT goals! They make perfect sense to me. Also, congrats on passing the test!

  5. I’ve made my living in “fitness’ for 30 years. I have a degree in exercise science, and have had countless certifications through the years. At the end of the day, the most important thing to memorize is how blessed I am tha I get to do this for a living. Go kill!

  6. As long as you accomplish them!!!!!!!! Way to go DL!!!! NOT an easy test to pass.

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