Dark Horse

“Where in the WORLD did HE come from?”

We have all uttered this at some point in our lives in complete shock when the most unlikely or unexpected person wins a race or comes out of nowhere to dominate a sport.

Evan Longoria is a dark horse.

By all intents and purposes, there is no reason he should be where he is today.

He changed his mind, which in turn changed his life.

  • You have to get in the game and not worry about the results.
  • Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • Have a plan for when the garbage hits the fan…because its going to hit the fan..
  • The hard part? Maintaining focus.

He went from ‘nowhere‘ to having the ‘potential to being the best ever’ in a few short years. A true dark horse.

I’m training to be a dark horse.

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  1. Learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Love that.

  2. Very powerful video and message. This is exactly what I needed to see today. Thank you.

  3. Like my mother always said, “Be strong mentally and the rest will follow”.

    I too want to be a dark horse.


  4. I want to be a dark horse!

  5. I am cheering for you to get to your goals. And for all of us to be the Dark Horse in our own lives 🙂

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