I’m Here Now

Here’s the deal – sometimes it is rough.

I am armpit deep in a rough patch and that’s ok, really it is. From the outside it doesn’t necessarily look that rough, but it is.

I feel like I am in a sandcastle building contest and I am only allowed to put one grain of sand on my castle at a time.


So many grains of sand!! I do enjoy the flags though...

A sandcastle can be built one grain of sand at a time, but it gets disheartening when the wind blows, the tide rises, and random people inadvertently step on your meagre beginnings of a castle.

Staying positive and having an abundance mindset is critical for success.

Absolutely critical.

So what do you do when the tide is lapping at your feet, someone just traipsed through your castle, and the wind is picking up?

A few options:

  • Throw your hands up and cry
  • Abandon the project
  • Compare your sand castle to all the other sandcastles
  • Embrace anger and bitterness
  • Scream, stamp your feet, and throw sand into the air while tears stream down your face
  • Never go to the beach again

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I utterly despise all of those options.

So what’s a girl to do when she has huge dreams, aspirations, and passions in life, but is dealing with disappointment and resistance?

  • Be honest about how starting over sucks
  • Ask for a shovel
  • Get help; no one says you have to build your sandcastle alone
  • Acknowledge all the ickiness and then let it go
  • Go splash around in the ocean for awhile; building sandcastles can wait

I am blessed beyond measure to have some amazing friends in my life that allow me to acknowledge the ickiness, gently remind me to let it go, and then take time to laugh and splash around in the ocean with me.

running in the ocean

Abundance mindset. There is a whole ocean to play in!!

Even though we may live for many, many, many years to come, all we have is today.

Living in the past or the future doesn’t help the now, but living in the now creates an amazing future and obliterates the past.

So I’m here now, and its more than ok, it’s fabulous.

**This post is dedicated to Nancy, Kari, Charissa, and my mom.**

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  1. Splash in that ocean girl. The sand will be there waiting when you’re done. 🙂

  2. Debi Buck (Foreverfit4u) says

    Dig a moat around your sandcastle to protect it! I’ll help!

  3. “Living in the past or the future doesn’t help the now, but living in the now creates an amazing future and obliterates the past.”

    Wow! That is sooo true. I’ve always tended to focus on the future so one of my retirement goals was to learn to live in the moment. Old habits die hard though so thanks for the reminder!

  4. Sometimes though, it’s okay to be good with the sandcastle we already have, yes….?

  5. And sometimes, when you leave the sand castle behind, you wander for a bit. You end up finding some amazing cliffs overlooking the ocean. Intrigued, you climb them. It’s not necessarily an easy climb. But once at the top, you can see the ocean for miles. At that point, you steady yourself at the edge of possibility and take a few deeps breath. Then you do a perfect, beautiful swandive, cutting effortlessly into the crystal water below. It is more exhilerating than you could have ever imagined.

    All is coming. It’s just around the bend.

  6. I love this DL! It’s so true in so many ways. Thanks for sharing and be honest and open as always….<3

  7. Great post! LOVE it! You go frolic in that ocean and enjoy it! Let the waves tumble you around a bit and when you come out then start that sand castle all over again! Sometimes you just need time and a break…sounds like NOW is the time! 😉

  8. I am so glad that we can learn to build sand castles together, and take breaks to splash around in the ocean!
    It’s so nice to know that you are not alone in this journey!!!

  9. You have got to be the most positive person I know. I love it and completely feed off of it.

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