Fuel For Your Dreams or Limburger Cheese?

Discipline or regret?

Susan posed this question the other day:

Which is worse, the pain of discipline or regret?

Both cause pain.

The question is not how to avoid pain, rather, which is worse?

Seeing how I am growing my optimism muscle, I decided to rephrase it.

Which is better, the pain of discipline or regret?

Regret lingers like the smell of moldy cheese.

Have you every opened up the fridge to suddenly smell a something off…something moldy…even though you threw out the science experiment from the back of the fridge a few days ago?

moldy cheese

Complete gag reflex happening here. This DOES NOT go with crackers!

Regret stings the nostrils of life even after you’ve moved past whatever stinks. It lurks in the back of your fridge and makes you gag when you least expect it.

Discipline hurts like fire when you first start.


All consuming and overwhelming at the start...actually for quite awhile.

The 4:30 am wake up, saying no to dessert, pushing yourself to failure at the gym, and leaving parties early just to get the requisite amount of sleep in can be painful. Priorities shift, relationships change, and you encounter random internal obstacles you never knew existed.

What if I am actually successful?

The roaring fire of discipline eventually turns into hot embers that keep your passion going and ultimately fuel your dreams.


Slow burning with the potential to burst into a full fledged fire within a moment's notice.

In the end, I choose the initial searing pain of discipline over rotten cheese.

Which do you choose?

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  1. I choose discipline.
    BTW, fantastic picture of the mouldy cheese! Where on earth did you find that?

  2. Searing pain of discipline? Check!
    Random internal obstacles? Check!
    Discipline. I am hungry for cheese, but I desperately want my dreams.

  3. Discipline… with a side of unruliness… but the kind of unruliness that is necessary.. and refuse to regret!

  4. .We must all suffer from one of two pains the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons…

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