Times Are Changing!!

My blog is nearly one year old! August 9, 2010 was my first post as ‘Bikini or Bust!

I love blogging every day and connecting with you, my amazing readers, but as I head into my second year of blogging I just can’t keep up with the daily posts!

There, I said it. I love you, but this daily blogging is killing me.

And at times I feel like I have given you less than you deserved, and that is not ok in my books.

Rice cakes are tasty once in awhile, but who wants to eat rice cakes every day? Not this competitor!

So its time for a change.


A fabulous clock for a fabulous change!!

I will be blogging less, but you will be getting more.

Grab your 5 inch heels and get ready because there are some hilarious, fun, and exciting things coming your way! I for one can’t wait for the first episode of ‘Askloree‘, it should be ridiculous…in that good kind of a way.

Some things to look forward to are:

  • Clean eats recipes
  • Videos
  • Inspirational articles written by moi
  • Competition help
  • Watching me chase down my pro card
  • Throwing the rule book out the window and living life to the full
It’s Bikini or Bust! after all!

See you soon, but not tomorrow….


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  1. I’ll miss your daily posts but I agree, it’s too hard to keep up that pace indefinitely and keep saying things that are fresh and interesting.

  2. Definitely will miss your posts, but i think its a good move. I dont know how you were able to do it with everything that you already do and sometimes LESS IS MORE 🙂


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