Georgie Pants and Progress Pictures

It is one probably of the worst kept secrets that I want to be an author and speaker that helps women bridge the chasm of the impossible.

No matter how many times a day I check my voicemail, Madison Square Gardens just doesn’t call! Or if they do, they don’t leave a message.

I’ve been listening to an inner critic I’ve named George Thurston Buckingham, the 4th. George is a snobby gatekeeper that cannot be bothered with the ‘little, common people’ of life. His age hovers around 87 and he is as spry as a spring chicken. He sits behind an antique King Louis XVI desk reading original manuscripts and first edition books through round, little spectacles perched on his nose.

He knows everything about everyone; especially me.

Every mistake I have ever made in writing, the severe lack I display compared to the great writers of days past, and all of my shortcomings have come to his attention. In fact, he has them all written down in a huge, dusty ledger…just in case I forget.


It’s important to keep track of all your shortcomings…right? At least it is according to George…

I wouldn’t care one whit about George Thurston Buckingham, the 4th except that his desk sits squarely between me and my dreams becoming a reality.

Most days I put on my school uniform, gather my latest writing, and stand in front of George clearing my throat until he gets annoyed enough to notice me. Every day he points out something erroneous, asks for credentials I don’t have, scowls at me, and then sends me home to try again.

Its time to show up with my little Mac Book under one arm, my bedazzled bikini under the other, and all my passion and excitement for life. I may even chew some Bubalicious gum and blow the biggest pink bubble possible when I blow by Georgie Pants and all his stupid rules.

  •  When he points out my mistakes, I will giggle and give him a hardy slap on the back as we remember together.
  • When he puts up his hand to stop me, I will give him a high five and say something ridiculous like, ‘Yo! Rock on old dude!
  • When he asks to read some of my writing, I will remind him that he finds it utterly dull and there is no reason to torture himself when he can read the classics.
  • When he clears his throat in disdain, I will offer him a cough drop.

I may be common, but I will do uncommon things!

The things we listen to stop or free us.

I am going to listen to the freeing voices instead of George Thurston Buckingham, the 4th’s voice. Let him torture some other poor soul, I have words to write and women to empower.

Oh and its progress picture day, another thing Georgie Pants clearly thinks is stupid. But I love it. I am going somewhere big, and I want to remember all the checkpoints along the way even if some of them are rather fluffy!

I am growing some muscles under my ‘more of me to love’ sweater!

I’m working hard, getting healthy, and writing like a mad woman so when Madison Square Gardens decides to leave a message, I will be ready!

Who do you let stand in your way that you need to blow by?

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  1. Arms looking real good! 😉

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