‘Planty’ – Video Review of Vega Sport Protein

I am on the hunt for a non dairy protein powder. Recently I cut all dairy out due to ‘bloatation‘ issues. For awhile there it was looking like I was training for a Good Year Blimp Competition, not a Figure Competition.

The dairy went buh-bye  and my waistline came back.

In my ‘sans dairy‘ approach to life I came across Vega Sport protein powder. All plant based and protein, this could not be better!

So if you want something ‘planty‘ in your life; give Vega Sport a try.

Meanwhile, I still am on the hunt for a good protein powder.

Any suggestions?

I may just find my way back to whey!

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  1. Interesting. I’ve recently cut back on protein bars and shakes because of the bloating too. I haven’t cut out dairy completely though. I wonder if there is a convenient protein shake out there that tastes good and isn’t whey. I stay away from soy since I read somewhere it can interfere with muscle growth. Not sure how true that is, but jeez if there’s a morsel of truth to that… So soy protein is out. Hopefully someone can chime in with a good powder.

  2. jeanette says


  3. I use pea, hemp and goat’s whey as well as whey and casein…. I LOVE pea particularly!

    Your accent is so sweet – where exactly is that accent from?

  4. Ok you are totally adorable lol

    I’m using all pro science vegan protein powder. It’s not planty at all!! I adore it

  5. Hey Donloree!! I’ve never commented before, but read religiously 🙂

    I use Life’s Basics Plant protien – vanilla flavor. It really does’t taste bad at all – and I was afraid of the ‘planty’, greens flavor as well. But it’s actually pretty good. The only thing is there are seeds in it so check your teeth!!



  6. This review was hilarious! 😀

    I feel exactly the same, back in the day when i was eating lots of dairy i felt like if applied for a world record for the longest running pregnancy they might have believed me.

    I’m still reluctantly using whey isolate till i find an alternative because it has minimal lactose in it. I tried brown rice protein once and its been in a very dark place at the back of cupboard ever since. People always have good things to say about pea and hemp protein, but i’m trying to find a sample before i buy any because pea protein just conjures up all these images of drinking mushy peas!

    • I am so with you on the pea protein. I am 100% scared of it. I HATE peas…and not just a wee, little bit. If the only vegetable left on the plant was green peas I would be a meatarian. No questions asked!

  7. D!!! I’ve been off of dairy-based (whey/casein) proteins for a few years now… here are some other options, I’m using mostly Sun Warrior at the moment, love both the vanilla & chocolate, no planty taste, smooth (no grit), just perfectly sweetened with stevia (I find many proteins are just way too sweet, my tastebuds aren’t dead!) and mixes well with plain ol H20 as well as in smoothies.


    I also like this berry flavored one from UniKey:

    Spirutein also makes a variety of veg-based proteins in tons of flavors, higher carbs bc of sugar and uses soy (not my body’s fave) so I don’t really use these much anymore unless i’m aching for a milkshake, then their cookies n cream blended with 1/2 banana, almond milk and ice is like THE BEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD 😉 They do regular whey, but look for their tri-part protein blend which is pea, rice & soy. http://www.spiru-tein.com/products/keyword.asp?whichPage=1&searchVar=spiru-tein&pageSize=


  8. I have no suggestions, but I think it’s hilarious that you’re trying to give away the partially used protein jug! LOL Cracks me up! 🙂

    • Well it shouldn’t go to waste! 😀 Actually Susan is going to take it, so there you go! One woman’s used protein powder is another woman’s treasure!

  9. Have you tried the Chocolate one yet? I’m CRAZY about it! The cocoa totally masks the plantiness 🙂 Yum!!!

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