Competition Is In The Air

It’s on baby! Competitions are happening all over the place, every single weekend.

I love competition season because you get to see how amazing people are inside and out when they take the stage. In order to compete you have had to give life, training, and relationships your absolute best in order to make it to the stage.

These women are amazing; each and every one of them.

Tomorrow I am going to be glued to my phone for updates on tons of competitors, but especially these four.


Her prep for this show has been completely different than her previous preps in an effort to fine tune her physique so she can clean up!

And I am pretty sure she is going to do just that; her arms alone deserve a trophy!

Tenecia biceps

So do you think she would notice if I stole her arms???

Check out T’s blog early next week to read all about it.


This woman has been on prep for 28 weeks and is a fellow teammate of mine with Team K. Her dedication, determination, and discipline is unparalleled! She will be blogging and catching all of us up with everything throughout the day on her blog.


Progress! She's bringing her best to and she's going to rock the competition!

Follow along; its going to be quite the ride!


A first time competitor that used to weigh over 200 pounds! Her attitude and ability to leap over obstacles is inspiring. Check out a snipped of her story from her interview on the news yesterday.

‘It can be done.’


Sheer willpower, focus, and unwavering strength has brought this woman through prep. It hasn’t always gone the way she has wanted, but she is didn’t let that stop her. She is going to rock her suit like a superstar!

Nini suit

Gorgeous! Can't wait to hear how it all goes!

Make sure to check out her blog early next week to get all the details. I for one can’t wait to see what her post comp brunch will consist of.

Seeing these women give it everything makes my heart scream ‘set a competition date!!” One day soon we will do just that; until then I will be training hard and cheering everyone else on.

Go kick arse ladies!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out : ) looking like a half baked oompah loompah : ) no tan on the face…yet!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely keep an eye on these ladies blogs!

  3. Yay! Wishing so much luck to everyone. I can feel the excitement here. Keep us posted. I’ll be looking!

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