What Motivates Me?

In most people’s estimation, I am somewhat out of my mind. I’ve decided that they mean this in the completely good way, not the ‘you’re scaring the small children‘ kind of a way. Nonetheless, no matter which way they mean it, I kind of have to agree.

What motivates you?!

I get this question a lot.

  • Smaller pants?
  • Winning?
  • Less body fat?
  • Money?
  • Status?
  • Goals?
  • Pro card?
  • Accountability?
  • Competitions?

Sure those are all good, but they aren’t true motivators. If my true motivation was any of those things, I would be the saddest and most unmotivated girl on the planet right now.

It’s the who, not the what.

I know who I want to be and am taking or leaving the what.

When I look down the road 25 years from now, I know exactly who I want to be.

Imagine a fit, 55 year old woman that looks about 38. A quiet strength emanates from her and it gives you the impression that she can move mountains. Actually, you are pretty sure she has done just that. Her words bring life and nothing fazes her at all. Laughter, joy, and a smile are her instinctual reaction to life, no matter what the circumstance. The barren seasons of life don’t wilt her. She is like an oak planted by a river, even after the harshest of winters her leaves turn green and she bears fruit. And she has the most fabulous shoe collection imaginable. Her heart is in her eyes and they tell a story that changes the world around her.

This is the woman I want to be; that I am striving to become.

She doesn’t care what size her pants are or whether or not she has accolades from the world. She knows exactly who she is, what her purpose in life is, and chases it down with her whole being.

I am motivated by the opportunity to live up to my full potential; whatever that looks like.

All that being said, I am pretty sure she has a lot of trophies…

Who are you becoming?

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  1. With age, motivation morphs. Once, standing on stage and hearing applause mattered more to me than anything — literally. Then it mattered some, but then being able to crawl around with my toddler daughter started to matter more, so I included crawling into my workouts — true.

    Once, legs that exploded with every stride, and the eyes they drew mattered so much. Now, legs that pop still matter, but legs that don’t quit matter more. I call it bodybuilding light. My workouts are as much for function these days as they are for the aesthetic. At the end of the day, I reflect that I never let go of any fitness values — I just decrease them proportionately as I make room for new ones.

    • Yeah, applause can be addictive….for me it used to be approval and promotions at work. I have gone through a few years of everything being stripped away from me and been given the gift of being able to add back in what truly matters.

  2. ahhh love this. And love who you are and striving to become and I think I want to be a lot like you and her. I will work on my own little motto because I think that is avery cool idea :o)

  3. Oh my gosh I love this. You said everything so beautifully and perfectly. What motivates me? To be the best me I can be. In all aspects of my life. It’s difficult at times. In the gym, it’s easy, I’m alone, working hard, getting it done with no distractions. As a wife and mom, I try my best but sometimes life gets the best of me and I know I can do better. In 25 years I want to look at my kids and know they are happy, healthy, respectful, and successful men. I want a part of me to reflect in them and for them to know I gave them my all, heart and soul. I want to be that 60 year old woman, enjoying my life with my husband and best friend, living comfortably, and loving like we just met. I know I will keep my healthy/fit ways and that’s important to me. But most important, is to look back and make sure I did all I could to help my kids be the best men they could be and know that I’ve done my part to kept my husband happy and our relationship thriving.

    • You are on the road woman. From someone that sees you live your life from afar, I can tell that you are working and striving to be the woman you described and I have no doubt that you will arrive.

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