Choosing the Best and Leaving the Good

Our car is broken, so I have found myself biking to the gym, client meetings, and the grocery store.

Extra cardio anyone?

Its not that bad seeing how it is summertime and I need some extra help to fit into my clothes again.


On the way home I was feeling hungry and distracted after a morning of training legs and several meetings when suddenly a loud *bang* and a column of black smoke in the sky caught my attention.

Then it was eerily quiet.

I rode over to where the smoke was, somewhat confused. Shouldn’t there be firemen galore running around, barricades, and people telling me to ‘stay back‘?

The fire had just started and was already very intense.

The building was quickly becoming engulfed in HUGE flames

The people in the building had mere moments to escape.

In those situations you grab only the things most dear and important to you, everything else is easily left behind.

Over lunch I was talking about competing and how it makes you focus on the best things in your life. When you train for a competition, many things are put aside and your life is streamlined. Only the very best things are left in your life so that you can get the very best results.

You grab the amazing parts of life and leave the rest, even if they are considered good.

The people in the fire were forced to do this today.

What I would grab if I was forced to leave my house in mere seconds?

My shoe collection?

They are rather fabulous, fun, and fantastic.

donloree shoes

I bought these at Shoegasm in NYC. 'Nuf said.

My knitting?

True story, I am an avid knitter. It comes with living in the arctic I suppose.


Great thing to do in the evenings! Keeps your hands and mind off snacking. Do you have any idea how hard it is to eat peanut butter and knit at the same time? Let's just say it isn't easy!

My clothes? My favorite gym bag? My pictures? My collection of large purses?

Nope, none of those things would come with me.

I would take:

  • Jon
  • My journals
  • My computer
  • My iPhone

Everything else could be lost. I know it is a weird combo, but I realized these are all the ‘things‘ in my heart – my hubby, writing, my life story, and connection to friends and family.

This is all I need to be happy in life.

Feels good to know I have everything I need to make me happy. Yes, I am chasing down a pro card, trying desperately to make peace with Gertrude, and have normal life struggles like everyone else; but the deep parts of me are fully happy and deeply satisfied.

Everything else is icing on the proverbial cake.

What would you grab and why?

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  1. chrystal cook says

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee reading your blogs every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love this question. I would grab my kids, my husband, my laptop, purse, and the framed picture of the ocean from over the fireplace that we bought on our honeymoon.

  3. About a month ago we had horrible tornadoes in Massachusetts and the news said one was heading to my town in like 17 minutes. The minutes kept counting down on the TV as I was frantically running through my house making sure we had batteries in our flashlights and I grabbed:
    a change of clothes
    fav stuffed animal from my child hood
    battery operated radio
    purse/ wallet
    my chanel bag
    cell phone chargers

    There’s no way in hell I was going to be trapped in my basemen with all the dirt & spiders for god knows how long without vodka!

    The tornado luckily dissipated, and my boyfriend now laughs at me for the 3 bags full of stuff I was bringing in my “Tornado Emergency kit.” hahaha

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