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I muse when I lift weights.

I also rock out to ridiculous music, furrow my brow, and gasp for breath so loud sometimes that it scares the men in the weight area. Kind of embarrassing, ok a lot embarrassing, but in order to get a loaded barbell over my head another five times or move a weight sled full of plates with my legs I need a lot more air. A lot more!

But *AHEM* back to the musing.

Dreams, blog topics, business ideas, how to reorganize my life for max efficiency, ridiculous ideas, and who I have been made to be run through my brain. They are fleeting and need to be written down, otherwise they are lost forever.

My mind quiets down when I train and things I don’t think about at any other time pop into my brain.

One of the latest ones: Bikini or Bust Forum.

All of you, my fabulous readers whom I utterly adore, connecting, sharing ideas, finding people who live close to you to go for coffee with and create fabulous, fit friendships. We could solve the world’s problems, get fit while we do it, and help each other live up to our full potential.

The task seemed epic.

Then I realized I created a Bikini or Bust Facebook page last year and have not really touched the thing. I blame Hashimoto for the brain fog. Anyone can post on the wall, maybe start discussions, add pictures, meet people…pure brilliance.

Problem solved!

Except some of you aren’t there! I want to hear all about your goals, dreams, and victories and then celebrate with you when you get them, all of them.

Maybe you feel like a fitness weirdo and no one understands you. There are a bunch of us, I promise. We just don’t live down the street from each other; or maybe we do. Who knows?

I would love to host a vibrant community of fit and amazing people, so come with your turquoise and chartreuse personalities and let’s create it together.

Find Bikini or Bust on Facebook and start connecting with other fit and fabulous people.

See you there!

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  1. I “like.” Better link this in your guest blog 🙂

  2. I try not to poach links too often, but I think this one fits, and I hope you don’t mind.

    The only time I’m truly me, truly connected, truly believe, is when my fingers are wrapped around a bar, my breath is short, and my concentration is high. It really is transednetal….

  3. oooh I love this and I will be adding myself to the group when I am at home. FB is blocked at work 😛

  4. I love the shoes!!! You rock!! keep on the great work (training and blogging).

    Hugs from your turkish twitter friend.

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