Need a ‘Huzzah!’

One of those fabulous statements that makes you want to jump out of your seat and find a problem to conquer, a battle to fight, or a heavily weighted leg press to show who’s boss.

I need a Bikini Or Bust ‘Huzzah!’

It would go something like this:

Blah, blah, blahbity blah. Bikini or Bust!

I’ve been thinking and have come up with what may possibly be less than stellar ideas:

  • Just Glue It
  • I eat skinny girls for breakfast
  • Life is short.
  • Today or never. Choose today.
  • Impossible? Think again.
  • Made for this.
  • I train for life.
  • Worth it.

I need your help because I am researching some fabulous clothing to put these sayings on and perhaps you will want to wear them too. If it is left up to me the words ‘wonky’, ‘epic‘, and ‘For the love of Pete!‘ may just get mixed in.

Somehow I don’t think ‘Epic!‘ works as a slogan.

What do you think the Bikini or Bust Huzzah should be and what kind of clothes should it go on?

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  1. I like a shirt that would say….. Impossible? Think again.

  2. Exercise wear, of course! I’d wear a tank top with any of the following:

    Impossible? Think again!
    Impossible? I don’t think so!
    Choose today!
    Life is short. Choose today!
    Made for this.
    Be your best!

  3. I like “I eat skinny girls for breakfast” but since I’m heavier than I’m supposed to be at the moment. *ahem* People might think I actually DID eat a skinny girl! I also like “Made for This” and “I Train For Life”. One of my mantras has always been “Fit for Life” to encapsulate the lifestyle vs. diet mentality. 🙂

  4. I like I train for life!

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