Anorexic to Athletic

Failure is not falling down, it’s refusing to get up when you do. We all fall down, but champions get back up every single time.

Victoria is a champion.


Gorgeous inside and out!


I have only struggled with shades of disordered eating. Victoria is living proof that you can do more than survive through an eating disorder, you can thrive. She has started a blog to share her journey through anorexia and bulimia to encourage people who may be struggling with disordered eating.

My wish for this blog is to connect with people who struggle, people that have fought back and never surrender, people who inspire, people with unbreakable strength.  My wish is that my words touch other people & that I can somehow make a difference in the world.

You’re making a difference, I promise.

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What is the world waiting for you to share?


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  1. SO glad to see this woman featured! I love her and she’s such an inspiration!

  2. OMG how is it that I am just seeing this now!!! Thank you so much! You are Fabulous woman! Such an inspiration to me!!! I can’t believe I just saw this now! <3 thank u =)

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