Six Pack Bag?

Its summer here in Edmonton, which means I can’t just leave my food in the car for hours on end and have it not spoil. I’m enjoying my slight tan, but not having food go bad while on the run.

In the winter I can leave food in the car for hours without a worry. Heck, if I need to flash freeze something I just bring it along with me. You would be amazed at how quickly things freeze when it is -25 degrees outside.

What’s a Figure Competitor to do?

Many competitors have Six Pack Bags. Apparently they fit meals galore, keep things fresh, and the containers are even dish washer safe.

But they are also humongous, don’t match anything I own, and rather obvious.

They are BIG!

Do you have a Six Pack Bag? If so, what do you think?

Your opinion is requested!

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  1. I don’t have one but I want one! I think they are cute and would rather carrry that than a cooler. Go for it!!

  2. My friend at work has one and it is huge. I don’t think I would want one myself since it’s designed to fit their containers perfectly. Sometimes I take my yogurt and things like that in the original container. I think I’d have to do a lot of ‘puzzle fitting’ to get things to fit and not roll around if I didn’t use their containers only. That’s my only drawback. Haven’t used one personall though. I have a big two compartment lunchbox that I got from Eddie Bauer. The bottom compartment is insulated and the top is not. Serves me well and fits breakfast, lunch, and two big snacks.

  3. I’ve seen these in person and they seem function but not my style. It is pretty big! and even though there are two sizes, the smaller one wouldn’t be functional for me.

    I already have waaay too many bags : )
    but have you though about just getting one of those cooler bags? the ones that are lined and then just putting an ice pack in it?

  4. I have the large one and want to get the smaller one also. I work a long day at work 7am-6pm and leave my cooler at my desk and it stays cold all day long. It fits everything I need and if I have fruit or yogurt I can place it in the side compartments that you can also use for drinks. I also keep my vitamins in the top part. I LOVE mine! They only thing I would suggest is they need the large one on wheels so it makes my trip into work easier with my 30lb purse and backpack and laptop wheels would help me a lot. I’m planning on going a video soon that will show all the cool things about my cooler! Let me know if you have any questions about them…like I said I love mine!

    • Ooh, thanks for the feedback Dawn. Hmmm…I guess I have to figure out what I need it for. I am traveling in August and I want to be able to have food that is yummy with me I guess. Hmmmm…Gotta think on this one. If the conference I am attending will put up with my high maintenance needs perhaps I don’t need one. I have phone calls to make! 🙂

  5. I have the small one in black & it has been a LIFE SAVER for me. I have a weird schedule I work noon to 8pm at night, that covers most of the day so I need to take more than half my meals with me. I ride around in a car all day so it’s nice to be able to have all my meals with me. It’s very convienent to have everything in one place plus the cooler it great! I’m on a contest diet right now so plaining my meals is essential. This is great, definitely worth the price. I have the small one (3 meals) that one is great for everyday but if you want to get one for traveling I recommend purchasing the large one. Hope this helps, I give it 5  stars.

    Lisamarie Benito
    A fellow competitor

    “If you fail to plan, plan to fail”

  6. I’m curious – did you ever end up buying one of these bags and what did you think? I’ve just been introduced to it and I am super excited. It is everything I have been looking for…except the price. I want to make sure it is worth it before I throw down the money as times are a little tough these days. Thanks!

    • At the end of the day, I realized that the money wasn’t going to be worth it. I make out find with my cheaper cooler bags from places like Target or Walmart and am happy. Besides it is a bit of a beast to drag around. 😉

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