Timed Trials For The Figure Olympics

I am going to make it to the Olympics, the Figure Olympics, that is.

When, where, and who is hosting, well I have no idea, but I am in training already. As soon as someone creates this epic sporting adventure I will be first in time and winning at least one gold for Canada.

Today I had a timed trial for ‘Costco Shopping Adventure‘, or widely referred to in the Figure Oplympics as the CSA.

The goal of the CSA is to fetch enough lean protein, vegetables, fruit, spices, and required coffee as well as the husband’s food to last AT LEAST a week without maiming any old ladies or getting bogged down in the sink hole of moms shopping with small gaffers.

Costco purchase

This is quite a bit of food. It takes years of grocery shopping, strategy, vision, and great cart handling skills to be an athlete in the CSA.

The timer starts as soon as you are given the weekly flyer and ends as soon as someone scribbles nonsense on your two foot long receipt with a colored sharpie.

Points are deducted for:

  • high heels under 3 inches
  • muttering under your breath about other shoppers
  • scaring people
  • requiring a cart after checkout  (all bags must be carried while wearing heels)

I was still feeling the adrenaline rush from my chest and delts workout this am; I felt a personal best coming on.

My sights were set high and I manoeuvred the cart like a champion. I even scoured the clothes, books, and DVDs before getting all the required foods and was at 13 minutes.

Epic wrench in the plans.

Only 3 tills open and 2 moms shopping together that decided to cut in front of me…both of them.

I didn’t want to lose more time by muttering or scaring them, so I merely smiled while the clock ticked away.

Finally I was through the line after bagging my own groceries and literally jogging in my heels to the colored sharpie lady.

My triceps were burning, but I desperately needed to make up time.

Result: 22:30.7

CSA Time13 minutes is so much better….I guess I will get ’em next time!


Not my best time and definitely unacceptable for the Figure Olympics.

What is your best time for the CSA?

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  1. That is nearly IDENTICAL to my Costco shopping cart this week!! Good form, good form. I’ll have to time my next trip- only I have the added time suck of 2 little monsters, I mean boys, in tow 🙂

  2. I just read your last two posts & they both had me laughing. I love how you see the humour in even the most difficult & humiliating moments. Can’t wait to read your book!

  3. HAHA Hilarious!

    Honestly When it comes to Costco EVERYTHING goes out the window…. 🙂

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