Someone Slap Me

I’m serious.

These past few weeks have been full of complaining, bemoaning, comparing, and self pity.


  • Life is hard.
  • My health is still in question
  • I’m afraid.
  • There is no easy answer.
  • Some people cheat to ‘get ahead
  • I’m not perfect…go figure!
  • Standing still and not doing anything makes me rusty and grouchy

So what?

I have been staring down this humongozodic mountain that I need to overcome to get to where I need and desperately want to go.

Guess what? The epic obstacle is my attitude.


Time for a new attitude!!

Time to get over myself and just do what I know I need to do. Screw the rules and voices of ‘caution‘ in my head.

I am Donloree. I am Bikini or Bust. I am a champion.

Time to claim it and live it.

A month ago, I decided that everything would be resolved by now. That I would have an answer to my health fiasco, I would be eating more food and losing weight, my business would just take off  even though I am scared to move in any given direction, and everything would be smooth sailing.

Then I sat back, complained, let fear dictate my actions, and hid myself away.

I’m not surprised none of goals happened, are you?

Right…those pesky progress pictures…

Ahh…yes, today is the scheduled day that I chose to be accountable for posting progress pictures. I really didn’t want to take these pictures. I even had a great excuse to NOT take them, Mark and I couldn’t meet to train so of course they just couldn’t be done, right?

I stood at the crossroads of choice and decided to take the path that leads to the woman that I want to be. The path is not always much fun to travel. It is filled with brambles, obstacles, and many twists and turns. The other road was paved and smooth sailing, but at the end, there is nothing.

I would give up, but I don’t want to.

So here it is.

Fluffy, white as casper, horrific posing - I LOVE it!!!

The great thing about this picture is that it is merely a page in my book of life. Today it seems like a dark page, but in a few months and years from now it is going to help highlight what I have accomplished. This is one of the most glorious pages in my life story because it shows the potential of what can and will be.

The fantabulous woman in this picture is chasing down her dreams in the realm of fitness, life, work, and her marriage; and she is going to get them.

Attitude is everything; without it you have nothing.

It feels great to have everything today.

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  1. BFD. At the end of the day, if we are judged, it won’t be by our abs, the shape of our hips or whether or not we do sinister justice to a pair of jeans or a posing platform. This is all surface-stuff. The deep-down stuff is what matters…., yes?

  2. Alright….I’m going to do mine now too. I had been avoiding pictures and even stepping on the scale for the last month because I was scared to see what my lack of dedication had brought me. My trainer finally MADE me do last week it and it snapped me back into reality, I’m 5lbs over what I was when I decided not to compete 6wks ago. Time to get cracking!! Next May is right around the corner 🙂

    For what it’s worth, I think you are weathering this storm beautifully. For you to be able to take your own hardships and inspire people is truly amazing.

    Thank you, Donloree, for being you.

  3. CHRYSTAL says

    you donloree are amazing, and we know that we are harder on ourselves, lately i have been being told by my mom i need to go to the doctor and get meds for depression, and im not so sure i agree, yes i get down days but we all do its called life, right,… i had a lil talk with my trainer and my boss, 2 people with different aspects but still know my pretty well, and both of them kinda sorta said the same thing, no they dont think that, but that i am alot emotional, adn hard on myself then i should be…..and wow every day you inspire sooooo many you are awesome, and you look great, maybe not where you want to be but you will get there you can do it i have hardly know you but i know we can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a wonderful post! Sometimes I think my achievements won’t ever get here but in reality they already are here I just won’t to shine me up a bit more. 🙂

  5. I admire your honesty on this post, i think this is a conversation most people have with themselves. I often find myself at that crossroads where i just want to take the easy option, but i tell myself that there are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going so i take the right decision which usually means leaving my comfort zone and overcoming obstacles! You have a great attitude and i’m positive that your life is going to make a great book!

  6. Such an honest and truthful post! we all have our dark moments. You have been such a great inspiration for me, and provide me with such positive energy and attitude. So here’s some for you 🙂

    Adn you’re right this is just a page….there are many, many more to come. and all of this will be a distant memory…a good learning experience too!

    Lots of love!

  7. Way to stand up for yourself, girl! Rock ON!

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