Black, Hot, Bold, and Strong

I am talking about coffee here ladies!


When I decided to train for a competition, I also made the decision to stop drinking my calories.

Meal or macchiatto?

I used to choose both almost every single day. And while I was at it I made it whole milk.

Starbucks mocha

It doesn't help when they make them fun looking either. Chocolate shavings, whipped cream, and chocolate goodness?! ARGH!


Let’s be honest, I am an all or nothing kind of a girl!

It is quite the journey to go from drinking a candy bar in a cup to black coffee without even a drop of milk or sweetener in it.

By giving up my daily caramel macchiatto habit, I was able to eat another whole meal.

How to become black, hot, bold, and strong.

Step 1 – Drop the Fat.
If you have a daily latte, mocha, or macchiatto habit then start by reducing your milk to non-fat. If you get whip cream, get foam instead.

Step 2 – Go Sugar-Free.
Either go with SF syrups or ditch the syrups altogether.

Step 3 – Just add a ‘sploosh‘.
Black coffee or an americano with just a ‘sploosh” of milk. Over time reduce how much you ‘sploosh‘.

Step 4 – The Final Plunge.
Drink it straight up, but be careful because without the milk it is HOT.

Once you start drinking black coffee, you will quickly realize that all coffee is not made equal! My two favorite coffees are Kicking Horse and Salt Spring.

I am black, hot, bold, and strong, are you?

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  1. Kudos to you! I gave up my skinny vanilla lattes when I started training and now have an americano with cinnamon and stevia. It’s probably as close to hot, bold, black and strong as I’ll ever get ;D

  2. Chrystal cook says

    Hmmmm we were kinda talkin bout this today lol. I tried my coffee a new way n it was good!!!! Ur awesome cus that’s what I was thinkin today I could have more food if I drank less calories

  3. You go girl! Did the same when I decided to lose weight, now I always go black. #coffeeUP my friend.

  4. haha I loved this! I never drank coffee before I started bodybuilding (coincidence? probably not.) so I never had to ween myself off so-to-speak. I can’t do the bitterness of straight, black coffee so I always add a packet or tsp of stevia or sweet ‘n low. Yeah, I know I should avoid artificial sugars… but we all have our vices, no?

    I also like to add cinnamon sometimes too!

    BUT, you are very right about taste. You can DEFINITELY tell the difference between coffees when you aren’t masking the flavor with additives.

  5. Black coffee is my nemesis. I did it for the last 6 weeks of contest prep. But went right back to my ‘sploosh’ when the contest was over. Now exploring Paleo, I should get rid of the sploosh, but I’m struggling with that. This morning I did an Almond Milk sploosh instead. Meh.

  6. I’m nutty. I add almond milk & truvia or espresso shots, straight up!

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