Who’s Your Gilda?

I accidentally made a woman named Gilda cry…

Today was my long awaited and much anticipated endocrinologist appointment. The only reason it was today was because Gilda made it happen.

As you probably know I have been feeling poorly for 11 months and have been tossed around by the Canadian healthcare system like a sailboat in a hurricane.

First I went and saw my GP, then I got referred to a special GP, then that appointment got moved, then I saw an unhelpful specialist that made me cry and didn’t listen, then my GP sent me a letter stating I should move to another doctor and she didn’t want to be my GP anymore, then I got referred to an internal specialist that didn’t know what to think, and finally the endocrinologist appointment.

To get the endocrinologist appointment, it required Gilda’s tenacity.

Booking the appointment took 3 letters of referral and Gilda demanding that I be put on the fast track so I could see the doctor in 5 weeks versus 4 months.

Gilda even called me to ensure I got my letter about my appointment and that everything was in order because the letter may have gotten lost with the postal strike.

For 11 months not one person has cared to help me for more than 12 seconds, despite how sick I am.

Turns out an administrator named Gilda from the Metabolic Clinic at the U of A Hospital has more patient care in her baby finger than 4 doctors combined.

I thought she should know how much her caring meant to me.

Donloree Flowers

I got a cute potted flower and put it in my bag for her. Something that could sit on her desk and remind her how fabulous she is.

I also wrote her a note to tell her why it meant so much to me.

Gilda Note

I keep all my special notes and cards...even if she doesn't keep it, I hope the truth gets stuck in her heart.

When I found Gilda armpit deep in patient records in a small office, I stood there like a silly, mute woman. All the words flew out of my head and tears streamed down my face while I held out the flowers and card.

After squeaking out who I was and why I was there, she cried and hugged me all while telling me that she was just doing her job.

Maybe so, but so many people don’t do their job.

Loving and caring for others is everyone’s job, yet so often we forget to do it. When you encounter someone that truly cares, it changes you.

Is there a Gilda in your life that needs reminding how fabulous they are?

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  1. Humbled. Very sweet on both ends.

  2. Miss D .. you are my Gilda xx

  3. You make a difference, Donloree. Gilda makes a difference. It’s so great to see people making a difference! So much better than indifference. 🙂

  4. I’m not sure if I have a Gilda right now but I have had them in the past and, like you, took the time out to thank them. If we’d all do just that — say thank you — more often, I think the world would see many differences, right away.

  5. Thank you for reminding me the importance of people and the small gestures that make the BIG difference 🙂

    PS how did it go? the appt?

    • bikiniorbust says

      The appointment went really well. I didn’t go overboard in explaining myself and the doctors have a plan to find out what is wrong. Finally I don’t have to be in charge anymore.

  6. Donloree, you are awesome! I work in the front of a periodontist’s (gum specialist for those of you that don’t know) office. I am very much the responsible party for helping schedule people and getting them in in “emergency” type of situations. But luckily we aren’t dealing with the healthcare system here. And yes, I have had patients like you and they make the BIGGEST difference in my job. Their appreciation for my care is what makes my job good.

    You are fantastic Donloree! And I’m glad the doctors have a plan for you now. =)

  7. Michelle says

    So glad the appointment went well!! What a relief 🙂 Continued hopeing and praying that their plan actually works and they sort you out!

    You and Gilda and are both adorably sweet. The world need more Gilda’s and Donloree’s.

    PS: You look sooo pretty in that picture! 🙂

    • bikiniorbust says

      Oh thank you! I was feeling so happy, that is probably why! 🙂 More women with random names to change the world, yes please! 🙂

  8. can I tell you I am at Doctor one! it seems like NO ONE likes to care! My body is so out of order I been working out with Pete for almost 1 year now D. NO pound changes its sooo frustrating!
    I’m glad its woeking out I know what it feels like with this thyroid no one thinks its important but it is if you are trying so hard to loose weight!
    I didn’t even know there is a metabolic clinic! Thanx for the info!

    • bikiniorbust says

      Yup, the U of A has a whole department that deals with internal and metabolic issues. Hopefully your doctor is helpful and can give you a referral! Keep up the good work and search out answers. 🙂

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