Mythful Thinking

Many people start programs and workout regimes only to give up after a few days and weeks.

There are all sorts of reasons for this, but I think one of the main reasons may be because of the ridiculous myths and promises that are out there about working out.

Here are a few of my ‘favorite‘ myths.

Myth #1 ‘It’s easy!’

The McDonald’s drive through, watching late night TV with a bowl of ice cream, and pressing the snooze button are things that I consider ‘easy‘.

Truth – It is rewarding, challenging, life changing, and over time it gets easier; but it is not easy.

Myth #2 ‘It only takes 30 minutes 3 times a week!’

It takes me 30 minutes to drive to the gym, get dressed, and warm up so I can start my work out!

Truth – It takes more time that you initially think. Travel time, cooking, grocery shopping, warming up, and stretching are part of the package.

Myth #3  ‘Eat whatever you want!’

I was on the ‘eat whatever you want’ plan for 25 years and it landed me in Obese Class One.

Truth – You will have to adhere to an eating plan that will most likely not include a daily dose of cheesecake, M&M’s, chips, pop, and food that will last well into the next decade.

Myth #4 ‘Firm, sculpted (insert flabby body part here) in just 3 weeks!’

In three weeks you could go on vacation, paint your house, or possibly renovate a bathroom. The only way to get firm, sculpted anything in 3 weeks requires thousands of dollars, anaesthesia, and a surgeon.

Truth – In 3 weeks you will see changes, you may be more sore than you knew was humanly possible, and you have started to create fabulous habits; but going from a muffin top to a 6 pack is just not realistic.

Myth #5 ‘The elliptical says I just burned  700 calories in 35 minutes!’

If this was the case I would be able to eat whatever I wanted! Even though you just got told 700 calories flew off your body, do not ‘treat yourself‘ to a donut or ice cream cone.

Truth – Calories burned are subject to a bazillion factors like form, intensity, body composition, genetic make up, metabolic rate, and, heck, even the temperature of the gym!

I like to know the truth, even if it is less pleasant initially.

Time, determination, focus, and grace will get you the results you want, but they may not come in time for bikini season this year.

What are your favorite workout myths?

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  1. so what you’re saying is that i can’t just be a bodybuilder/in shape by working out 30 min 3 days a week? now that’s messed up!! lol

  2. It’s amazing how gullible some people are! They must be the same ones who order bust enhancing creams.

    • bikiniorbust says

      YES! These must be the same people that watch the late night exercise informercials while eating potato chips. It is the only plausible scenario.

      • Some of them might even have been the girls in Junior High who actually believed that you couldn’t get pregnant if you did the act standing up! lol

  3. Myth #3 and #4 are my favourite of your list….

    hmmm My favourite myth that I encounter with clients from the past…..I want to lose x number of pounds in x number of weeks, if I dont get there it is your fault!

    Seriously?1 goes back to your myth #5 just because your trainer whips your butt a few times a week does not make it ok to down three donuts followed by a bagel and sugary drinks…in one sitting….

    Can’t see results that way…

    • bikiniorbust says

      ‘I worked SUPER hard today, time for a piece of cake!’
      Ummm…no. Time for a piece of fruit and a HUGE glass of water. It is so hard though. I used to have that mentality too. When you are conditioned to think a certain way it takes a lot of time to reprogram yourself.

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