Tenecia, Tiffany, and Kari – The New BoBettes!

I am blessed to be part of the most fabulous team of women on the planet. Who are these women you ask?

Why the Bikini Or Bust women of course.

We like to refer to ourselves as the ‘BoBettes’. These women kick butt in and outside of the gym. This spring we opened up our group and three amazing women were added.

Without further ado, please meet the three newest BoBettes.


Upcoming Competition

NPC Terminator July 16 , 2011

What do you like most about training and competing?

What I love most is the ability to push beyond what I think I am capable of physically & mentally. There’s nothing like thinking & feeling like you can’t manage that last rep of sumo deadlifts yet being able to dig deep and finish strong!  The same can be said of putting on an itty-bitty bedazzled bikini with 5′ clear heels. You may think you can’t do it but after you’ve trained hard & dieted for 12 weeks and put it on, you can’t help but feel that excitement & swagger 🙂


Her smile and strength radiate from her heart, which is bigger than her biceps...which means it is HUGE!

What are 2 goals for this next season?

  • Fitness-related goal – this is the first time I’m sharing this with anyone but I would like to complete a half-marathon by this time next year. I’m not a runner so this will be a HUGE test for me.
  • Personal goal – I would like to become a public librarian. I graduated with my masters in Library Science in May of 2008. Now it’s just a matter of interviewing and securing my dream job 🙂

What made you start training and want to compete in the first place?

I decided to start competing because I wanted to do something that seemed so out of my reach. I fell in love with muscular women when I saw Linda Hamilton in Terminator and Angela Bassett in What’s Love Got To Do With It but I never thought I could be one of THOSE women. At the end of 2009 when I was deciding what my goals for 2010 would be, I told my husband that “maybe I’ll do a competition”. He looked at me and said “stop talking about it and do it” – that was the push I needed!

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Upcoming Competion

UFC Spring Bash April 7, 2012

What do you like most about training and competing?

I love the physical and mental health benefits of training. If I haven’t trained regularly I can immediately tell because my body starts to feel sluggish and my mind isn’t as sharp. Most importantly, I’m a girl who likes to do things the hard way and I love a challenge. I have never been a fan of conformity or doing what is expected, I’d much rather break the mold and do what is difficult. It makes life so much more excited and rewarding. For me the reward for working out is seeing my body evolve and watching my achieve strength and muscles grow.

Tiffany Miller

Choosing to win every single day. There is no doubt when she steps on the stage she will clean up!

What are 2 goals for this next season?

  • Fitness related goal: My current fitness goal is to train and participate in UFE’s Halloween Mayhem in the Fitness Model Category. All of my current training is in preparation for this event. I also am a beginner Highland dancer. I started taking classes two years ago and I have been competing regularly for 1 year. My current dance goal is to place in three more competitions by the end of 2011. This would take me out of the beginner level competition category and move me into the next competitive category, Novice.
  • Personal goal: People that know  e, know that I’m a compulsive knitter. I love knitting and I do it daily. I’ve always admired fair isle knitting, but it is very hard and I have committed to get better at colour yarn work this year. In January I coined this year “the year of colour work” and I have done numerous colour working projects this year and they will continue until December. My big goal is to knit myself some “gay apparel” for Christmas. I have found what I believe to be a beautiful 50’s inspired reindeer sweater that I will knit out of fingering weight yarn. My goal is to finish this ambitious project for “Don we now our gay apparel day at work!”

What made you start training and want to compete in the first place?

I first decided to complete a fitness model competition after spending a summer moping on the couch. I had just come off running what I thought would be my last marathon (I have since decided there may be another one, one day!). After years of IT Band syndrome, I had finally accepted the fact that the only way I was going to heal was to stop running (at that time running was my only exercise and the core of my work and social life [I was the Team Diabetes Coordinator for Northwest Ontario and Manitoba]). I eventually got sick of myself and realized that I would have to replace one passion with another, I got back into working out initially by taking highland dancing lessons and then after a few months I decided I wanted to try out the gym. I asked the owner of my gym to show me around the equipment and he suggested that I seriously start lifting weights because he thought I’d be good at it. That’s when the idea popped into my brain, why not compete, two former Thunder Bay gals I knew were doing it, why couldn’t I?! End of story.

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Next Competion

Team Universe July 9, 2011

What do you like most about training and competing?

I always want to win in everything in life, and I somehow manage to turn nearly every situation into a competition. Training allows me to compete against myself – how much weight I can move, how I can improve my physique, how I can sculpt different muscles. It’s always something different that keeps me entertained and motivated.

Competing is a rush for me. I love standing on stage feeling my best and knowing that I put in the hard work to get there. I learn something new about myself during every prep. I honestly feel I’ve grown so much as a person ever since I began competing.


Pro Card here she comes! Intensity, focus, and discipline are her three winning strategies.

What are 2 goals for this next season?

  • Fitness-related goal: To earn my Pro Card at Team Universe.
  • Personal goal: To do more personal development activities: take a martial arts or ballet class, go sight-seeing in the DC area, and take time to appreciate the beauty in everyday things.

What made you start training and want to compete in the first place?

I started weight training when I was 18 because all of us cheerleaders were required to train. Three months later, when I caught a glimpse of a bicep while brushing my teeth, I was hooked on training! I started competing in 2006 just to see ifI could do it. Turns out, I could! The second I stepped on stage, I thought, “I LOVE this!” and I was hooked on competing.

I continue to train and compete not only from personal enjoyment, but also for the sense of accomplishment when I achieve my goals and push myself further than I thought possible.

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Who’s on your team?

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