74 Years Old and Lifting Strong

Ernestine Shepherd is the oldest female bodybuilder and is in amazing shape. She started training when she was 56 and feels better in her 70s than she did in her 40s.

If I had in my mind that it was work, I really wouldn’t want to do it.

Today is never too late to change your life.


When I am 74, I want to be as physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fit as she is!

Ernestine Shepherd

74 years old...what more can I say?

Despite what you tell yourself, you’re not:

  • Too old
  • Too fat
  • Too out of shape
  • Too far gone
  • Too busy

What ‘I am too….’ statement do you believe that keeps you from your dreams?

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  1. That has been my goal since I was a child. I live it. I work at it. I want to look better at 70 than I do now at 50. Very cool.

    On the flip-side; should I feel bad that I really want to have sex with her…? Rhetorical….

  2. Wow! She reminds me of my aunt who is 87. We went hiking together last week!

  3. I love this story. LOVE IT. I meant a woman once who was doing triathlons at aged 74 (we all had our ages written on our calves…). The crowd went wild when she finally crossed the finished line. She almost had me in tears. I approached her after the race just to tell her how inspiring she was. She said she didn’t even learn to swim until she was 65! I’ve never forgotten her. Just amazing.

    • bikiniorbust says

      I know what you mean. Tears started to build in the back of my eyes while I watched this. 🙂

  4. Patricia says

    Wow, I want to be her when I grow up. Thanks for the inspirational story. I will only speak in sentences that start with I can and I will.

  5. I’m too vain and too into working out to NOT be like her when i’m 87!!

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