I spent a lot of time in grocery stores; so much time that I list it as one of my hobbies. Weight training, writing, knitting, pottery, reading, lurking and reading nutrition labels in grocery stores….

The junk food aisles are only visited when I am required to bring that food to a party or BBQ.

I don’t eat any sugar, dairy, or sweeteners. I truly shop the outside edges of the store, only darting into the aisles for things like tuna, low fat dressings, seasonings, or canned goods.

So imagine my surprise to find this gem in the Costco spice aisle.

smores costco

Holy cuteness! Who knew burnt sugar on wax sandwiched in between two cardboard-esque crackers could be SO TEMPTING?!

Feelings of family, laughter, friends, and connection shared over a lingering warm summer night in front of a campfire flooded my entire being.

My whole heart wanted to put it in my cart.

Then I looked more closely at the packaging. My friends and family were not in the box and the only connection created by consuming what was in the box would be between me and the gravitation pull of the earth.

I gave it a stern look and moved on.

Note to self: fake food is not required to have an amazing time with friends and family.

What food evokes emotions for you?

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  1. Oh my God, this post is short and definitely sweet! Well said about the “fake food”. It’s always stressful to go to social situations and worry about what food will be served and whether you will overindulge, or feel rude for refusing.
    Okay, this is random.. but when we were young, my mom would let us have kraft dinner only if we put beans on it (to make it healthier). There’s something about a cheat day and digging into KD & Beans that makes me think of my brother, sister, mom and dad and our special times! (Please don’t disown me as a Canadian friend because of my weird food combination).

  2. This is a major issue for me, but not so much the “fake” food like this, but homemade baking. As a stay at home mom, rainy days bring out the baker in me: I want to bake cinnamon buns and biscuits. My kids love to help me bake and I have all but quit baking, with the exception of Sunday muffins that I bring to church, as I have zero self control around home baked goods. The stuff in the store is easy to leave there because I know it tastes stale and processed; it’s denying my children the cute memories of baking with mommy and warming my family’s soul with fresh cinnamon buns that’s the real fight. I’m still looking for substitute activities that don’t leave a dozen cookies for me to eat later.

  3. Oh..walking away from the smore’s combo would have taken a lot of mental willpower for me too. Those are my weakness, you nailed that one! 🙂

    Congrats on walking away! Have a good day!


  4. For em its homemade baking and sweets! : ( I crave sweets like no other. Its awful. I dream of decadent choclatey things. And what envokes the most memories for me is sitting on a stool int he kitchen at home helping my grandma bake these amazing Choco Coconut Bun…TO. DIE. FOR.

    My dad has taken up the duties of Master baker in the house and every time I go home i have to resist the urge to eat smething not on the plan. Have to say they’ve upped it by changing the recipe to include Agave syrup and amaranth flour etc but its still a temptation….

  5. MMM! Good for you. I totally would have halphazardly thrown it in my cart as I normally do. Great job staying focused!!

  6. I’m glad i’m not the only one who finds food shopping a hobby! I’m pretty much the same in that i shop around the edges of the store and then dash up and down the aisles as if i’m allergic to them. I always find the bakery section tempting because i love the smell of bread, and all the pastries and gingerbread scream my name!

  7. Chocolate and cheese and scones. Lord help me.

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