I’m Wondering What You’re Wondering…

I blog every single day.

Some people think I am crazy, others wonder how I do it, and a few people think its totally over the top.

Why do I blog?

  • I want to help people see that the ‘impossible‘ is possible.
  • My heart is overflowing with things that would burst out of me otherwise
  • Writing is part of who I am; I can’t NOT write
  • Helping people find out who they are makes my soul sing
  • You are important and amazing

Everyone has a story whether they blog or not.

I share my story on a regular basis. Some days I even make you random videos after I have worked out and look less than stellar; those are special days indeed!

Sometimes I wonder what you wonder….

What you wonder about me, bodybuilding, training, life, or living with purpose and passion.

In the list of things I wonder about you wondering about, the only thing I am an expert on is me; the rest I am still attending the school of life for. Heck, some days I even doubt my ‘me‘ expertise!

Help me stop wondering. What do you want to know? Some of the best blog post topics have come from you, my very revered readers, the latest being ‘What Do You Do With The Fat Girl?’

Don’t tell anyone, but I cried when I wrote that post.

If you have a burning question or want me to blog on a topic from my sometimes random and ridiculous perspective,  send an email to dl at bikiniorbust.com or post a comment below.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

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  1. I think it great that you write! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • I love that you love to just write whatever is on your mind, no matter how crazy or deep it gets. I feel the same way, and lo and behold, since I started my blog a few weeks ago, I feel so much better just letting all the thought-clutter free! 🙂

      What I’m interested in reading about from you? Well, I guess since you are such a great writer, and so willing to “go there”, I’d love to hear more about your thoughts and ideas about life in general, or topics other than body building. Don’t get me wrong, what you’re doing (body building stuff) is really freakishly-interesting to a couch potato like me… but I long to see what else that brain of yours holds in it! 🙂

  2. Hey girl! I love to read anything about contest prep, being a few weeks out myself right now. But the posts I like most – from you and others – are those discussing mindset, challenges, breakthroughs, a-ha moments and what mental tools you use to get through prep. Hope that helps!

    Oh I also like posts about pets, particularly dogs. Ha!


    • bikiniorbust says

      Totally helps. Thank you. I don’t have a dog or pets, but perhaps I should write a post about dogs just for you!

  3. I’ll tell you a secret….YOU and other like you help me SO much! I LOVE reading your posts and i look forward to that email that comes to my phone at 2:11 am ( i know weird right that it posts at that time?) But your blog is one the few I read religious EVERYDAY. I love how you are so honest. I love how you also take the time to listen and write (now I am getting all teary) but you’re a constant source on inspiration and strength.

    I also find that writing is such a great way to relieve some the stress and the internal battles we all go through.

    So Continue writing! and I know I am a new follower, but I can’t see my interest in your blog waning!
    I am already looking forward to your book 😉

    I also like your video blogs! and recipes and the challenges you face as well when it comes to competing getting in shape etc.

    Ok now I have written a novel…

    • bikiniorbust says

      Thank you for the novel; it means a lot to know that my words are helpful. Thank you. We really are in all of this together.

  4. I am wondering how to maintain after a big event. I train really hard for the event to get to a certain level and then I want to scale back but I am having trouble finding the balance between scaling back to a decent level and still maintaining my fitness level. Your input on this would be great.

  5. I want to know what to do about returning to work!

    I know, I know, I know you don’t have kids and might not even want them, based on your mention of the plant in your apartment; however, let’s just pretend that you did have an adorable baby at home and you needed to figure out what you were going to do when your glorious year of maternity leave were up because staying home isn’t an option.

    Would you:
    a) return to your job at a well known and loved coffee company in your current position (and all of the glory and stress associated with it?);
    b) return to said coffee company in a different lower stress, lower pay position;
    c) look for another job all together; or
    d) cry.

    Shed some DL clarity and humour on this for me, pleeeeeeeease!

  6. Michelle says

    Hey 🙂 I am wondering…

    1) What on earth are macros…
    2) About your married life – how you met, how you make it work, how he feels about your competitions and that tiny suit hehe…
    3) How to start working out safely if you haven’t done much before… I’m starting out on a new ‘fitness journey’ but don’t want to hurt or exhaust myself… and mentally to how to get going and *keep* going
    4) What powerful thoughts you inject into your mind that make you so focused – for example if you want to stay in bed but force yourself to the gym -or the peanut butter is calling you and you resist 😉
    5) What your other hobbies are…
    6) Where you get your work out clothes, maybe you could show them to us?
    7) I want to see your SHOES!!!! 😛
    8) I’d love to see how you keep organized…do you have a fitness journal? Planner? etc.

    That’s all I can think of right now 😉 If I ‘wonder’ any more I’ll let you know. Can’t wait to read more of your posts! <3

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