Studying the Competition

I am learning a new skill in life; studying.

My usual MO is to just  do something and hope it pans out. In high school the only reason I even completed the daily math assignments was because they were 40% of your mark. Even still, I did them the night before the unit exam when they were due and wrote the tests in a severely sleep deprived and caffeinated state without studying at all.

Is there any wonder I got a C- in Pre-Calculus?

Apparently there is value in studying. Apparently it helps prepare you. Apparently it is not a waste of time.

Point conceded!

I spent the morning at prejudging for the Northern Alberta Bodybuilding and Figure Championships studying the competition.

Heck, I even took notes.

Donloree studying

There is no messing around! I was prepared.

I have an audacious goal of taking first in my class next time I compete; hence the studying.

Here’s what I learned from this morning’s study session.

  1. Learn how to get into poses QUICK. The longer you’re in a pose with perfect form the better. Some of the competitors barely got into their pose before the next one was called.
  2. Smile the whole time; don’t grimace. There is a marked difference between having a relaxed smile and baring your teeth. Smiling needs to start before you walk on stage and can only stop once you’ve stepped off stage. The women that constantly smiled in a relaxed manner stood out from the others.
  3. Walk without flailing your arms for balance. I want to be noticed for my fantabulous lat spread that I am growing or my calves and hammies; not my clomping and flopping.
  4. Always be prepared. Things happen on stage that you would prefer don’t happen. My suit may come unglued, but that doesn’t mean I have to. I am going to learn how to not break my smile no matter what. Winners don’t let a darn thing faze them on stage; even a suit coming completely undone.
  5. Bedazzle your personality. Having a gorgeous, bedazzled suit makes you noticed but having a bedazzled personality and eyes that flash your inner beauty keeps the attention.

Looks like I have a lot of work to do.

I’m dusting off the hooker heels, practicing posing every single day, and smiling no matter what life hands me.

There is no ‘off’ season; just different seasons.

It’s on!

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  1. Haha I agree to no off season. Game on! Went to a SAF camp today saw some amazing competitors and need to really practising the posing FOR SURE!!!

    Next time I will definitely go to a show before competing.
    That was my mistake.

  2. You mean the Northern Alberta Show right?

  3. I never thought about #5 – love learning from you!


  4. I find myself hitting poses whenever I’m in from of the mirror for more than a few minutes 😀

  5. Lol… I was there too….huge classes huh?

    • bikiniorbust says

      HUGE classes. I can’t believe all the women that were competing. I would have loved to meet you! Gosh, we have to coordinate these adventures better next time. 🙂

  6. Hey that was me who’s suit came off! Read all about it on You make good observations though it is really difficult to execute well when you are not in control of any of the process the day of the show. A woman near me had been in a car accident that morning and actually had an injured neck during her poses. The general audience will never know what she and most of the other competitors were going through. Most of the ladies in Northerns did their homework, brought their best, and did themselves proud. Some were pretty embarrassed that they had cheated continually and still needed to lose between 10-20 pounds, had not planned adequately, or had not acquired a half-decent suit or shoes. Those details matter and hard work pays off. My advice: work hard and accept your limitations and strengths, but admit it if you are not yet ready to hit the stage.

    • bikiniorbust says

      It was you! You were so BRAVE and you kept it together like a superstar!! I am going to go read it now. 🙂 The details matter for sure!

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