5 Signs Yesterday Was Leg Day

Leg day is epic. Plain and simple.

While training legs, I usually feel like I am about to see Jesus face to face and cannot imagine anything more painful.

Then tomorrow comes and I am not 100% certain that I didn’t die during the previous day’s training session and somehow ended up in Hell.

Over the last few years of training, I have notice a pattern odd things that I do on the day after training legs.


Every morning when the alarm rings at 4:30 am, I throw the covers off, sigh, switch off the alarm, and go directly to the kitchen to start boiling water for my french press. Instead of sighing I find myself yelping out in pain. In fact the yelping continues well into the second cup of coffee.


Drinking water is avoided at all costs. Water leads to hydration, hydration leads to a full bladder, and a full bladder leads to sitting down AND standing up in a very short time period.


Oftentimes I find myself constantly praying after training legs. Walking, going up or down stairs, depressing the clutch in my car, and even bending over to tie my shoes requires ‘Oh dear Lord‘ or ‘Jesus help me‘.


Everything is done with purpose after leg day. If I have to stand up, all standing tasks are done before I sit back down. If I forget to do something after I have sat down, a decision is made on whether or not it is a mission critical task for the day. Does the burner on the stove really have to be turned off?


I am constantly running around like a crazy lady, except after leg day. Suddenly slugs and water buffalo are zooming by me while I meander down the side walk with a very painful gain. Its hard not to notice the new things when I’m walking slower than I’ve ever walked before!

  • What are the sure signs that you trained legs?
  • After a good leg day, do you avoid moving at all costs and find yourself petitioning God throughout the day?
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  1. Well, I think you’re more of the expert on this, but generally if I do some intense workout then I like to not move for the day – most probably go sleep or sit up and watch TV. 🙂

    You are very dedicated and I must commend you – great stuff! 🙂

  2. You know it’s leg day because you have to pop a couple of advil before you go to bed 🙂 Yep.. that would be me – plyo skate hops + single leg (superlow) box squats = pain

  3. Haha this is a great post! I definately feel all these things the day after, especially praying everytime i move. I avoid driving at all costs because once i’m in the car i can’t get out!

    • bikiniorbust says

      Oh I hate that! You open the car door and all you can think is…’REALLY? I really have to get out of this contraption. Right….” hahah

  4. You know it was a good leg day when you’re desperately reaching for walls, countertops, or the tub to help you sit on the toilet!

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