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Today was my first day of writing my book. I was very excited about this, after all I have always, always, always wanted to be an author and today was day one of making this dream a reality.

I sat down with a big glass of ice cold water, opened up Word, and the proceeded to stare at the blank page for a long time.

Then I blinked.

I tilted my head to the left and decided to save the document with my working title.

Ummm…oh wait! I don’t have one of those.

I literally saved it as ‘Donloree’s Book’.

With such an exciting title, I know its just going to FLY off the shelves.

There are many things I am good at like eating food out of my purse at a banquet, getting up at 4:30 to train, and having multiple ‘come to Jesus‘ moments with the peanut butter jar.

But I am not good at seeing myself.

I realized that I need a working title to help me love the project. Now when the big time publishing house comes knocking on my door and offers me bazillions of dollars for my manuscript, the title may change, but for now I need a way better title than ‘Donloree’s Book‘.

My fellow BoBette, Kari, helped me brainstorm some ideas but I still don’t have one that I love.

Some possible working titles:

Tupperware Toting Superwoman

How Stripper Shoes and a Bedazzled Bikini Saved My Life

Bikini Bitten

Wanna Compete?

Quarter Turn To The Right!

Confessions of a Figure Competitor

Business Woman by Day, Competitor by Night

Since you ‘see‘ me every day, what do you think the working title should be?

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  1. I think “Bikini Bitten” is PERFECT!!!!


  2. I like Confessions of a Figure Competitor

  3. Chrystal cook says

    The confessions one!!!

  4. My Journey to Fabulous: One Tupperware At A Time.

  5. Well How Stripper Shoes and a Bedazzled Bikini Saved My Life has a certain ring to it but it sounds more like something from a True Confessions magazine than a book. I like Quarter Turn to the Right! It might capture the reader’s interest without giving too much away. On the other hand, what’s wrong with Bikini or Bust!?

  6. Advice from a professional writer – just get writing! The title will come in its sweet time. Seriously, just get writing – set your stop watch and write for 5 minutes. You can stop when the watch bleeps. Or you can carry on 😉 OK so what you write might not end up being what you submit but at least it will get you started. Nothing worse than that blank-page feeling!

    Good luck 🙂

  7. Andrea Smith says

    why not use the name of your blog, it got my attention…and once reading, I stuck to it!! 😉

    Good luck!

  8. What about Bikini or Bust? your blog title says it all with a tag line of some sort?

    and you will get there! congrats on yet another amazing feat. A book is amazing it takes a lot of work and hopefully we all can be your muses.

  9. Michelle says

    I agree with the last few ladies. Bikini or Bust has worked so far, why try to improve what already fits perfectly? Maybe your tagline could be adventures/confessions of a fat girl turned figure competitor. Confessions catches the attention but in my opinion also lacks a bit of the class that adventures maintains. Whatever you call it, get started and pour your heart out! I know it will be awesome!!!

  10. I have to agree with the Bikini or Bust thing- it’s you. =) If I have to pick a second, it would be How Stripper Shoes and a Bedazzled Bikini Saved My Life.

  11. I was gonna say.. Why not just leave it as “BIkini or Bust: Confessions of a Bikini Bitten Fitness Competitor”

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