Interview With a Pro Bodybuilder

You need to do life with people so that when you start to drown in the ocean of life you have amazing people that will throw you a life preserver.

Cheryl Glattacker has thrown me MANY life preservers over the last year.

I am absolutely blessed to have her in my life. She is an amazing woman, wife, business owner, trainer, and Pro Bodybuilder with the WNBF.

She was kind enough to sit down and do an interview about competing, training, and the balancing act we all call life!

Cheryl Glattacker

I want to be like Cheryl when I grow up!

What are your goals with competing?

My personal goal is always to be better on stage than the previous event.  This means a better physique, a polished routine and perfect posing, all while still having fun and enjoying life.  This year in particular my goal is better legs and a wider lat spread.  So far I’m off to a good start.  I trained like a mad woman during offseason and made nutrition a priority, coupled with staying relatively lean, all made for visible results going into on season.

What is your best advice for building muscle?

Form, form, form!!! I don’t care how much weight you can push, press or pull, lighten the weight and focus on your form and the results will come, then slowly increase the weight, but only if you remain true to proper form.  Nutrition is very important for building muscle as well.  Too much food can be just as detrimental as too little food.  Your pre-workout meal and your post-workout meals are two of the most important meals of the day.  Don’t be afraid of carbohydrates, they are your friend, especially after a great workout, your muscles are screaming for you to feed them carbs.

Cheryl Glattacker

Form? CHECK!



How do you transition from off season to on season?

My most recent off season was a very strict one.  I allowed myself four days in Vegas of non-tracking food and eating freely, as well as two weeks in Maui of the same sort of thing.  I otherwise follow a very strict offseason program and am never without trainers and coaches.  Offseason isn’t about eating craptastic food for me and getting fluffy.  The less weight I have to lose for a show, the better.  I’ve been there, done that, and I don’t want to go down that path again, for heaven’s sake it was paved with peanut M&M’s!!!!  So this year the off/on season transition for me was a mental transition.  My focus and discipline changes.  I listen to my body more and if it hurts or needs rest, I’ll give in.  The massage visits increase to weekly, and chiropractor/active release therapy sessions increase to twice a week.

What advice would you give to a competitor who wants to earn their pro card?

With dedication, desire, and discipline anything is possible.  Dream big, be patient, be kind, be consistent, be grateful, and most of all enjoy the journey that gets you to the stage because that’s ultimately what it’s about.

How do you define all natural?

In the context of bodybuilding, it means free from any illegal drugs or prescription drugs that may be banned from the federation in which you plan on competing in.  Usually the time frame to be “clean” is seven years from the date of competition.   A polygraph test is required before getting on stage, as well as urine testing.  As a WNBF Pro, I am subject to random drug testing as well.  I am a lifetime natural bodybuilder.

As for food, the term natural to me is very much a part of my lifestyle as is natural bodybuilding.  My rule of thumb is if the food you’re about to eat didn’t have a mother or a root than you really shouldn’t be consuming it.  If a food has a shelf life longer than the life of an average dog, you need to question how healthy that is going into your body.  If the ingredients aren’t simple and I can’t pronounce them, it’s not worth my money.  Bodybuilding is about longevity and health.

What are the best and worst parts of competing?

The best, by far, are the relationships you develop with fellow competitors.  It really is a small percentage of people that will compete, so you feel an instant connection with fellow competitors.  Sharing stories, recipes, all the ups and downs that come with each journey, and then ultimately the back stage fun we have.  Gluing all our naughty bits into those tiny posing suits and getting our dream tan applied, usually by complete strangers, whom by the end of the show will help wipe the tears of joy away from your cheeks.  These are the moments you treasure.

As for the worst parts, yes, there are bad parts to competing, I don’t like to focus on them, and if I do have a bad day, I move past them as quickly as I can, with some self talk and some crazy frantic journal writing or a good cry.  In general though, I’m pretty lucky to have a husband who not only supports my crazy hobby, he is proud of me and helps me out significantly in many aspects.  He also prefers home cooked meals to restaurant meals so I’m not often subjected to having to go out for meals.  As for competing itself, now that I hold my pro card, I have to travel in order to compete.  This can be costly.  Both shows for me this year are in NYC, one in September and then again in November.

I am excited to watch Cheryl compete in her first Pro INBF show this fall – Worlds in NYC.

Watch out ‘Worlds‘ here comes Cheryl!!

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  1. Great interview! Cheryl is a classy woman, phenomenal athlete, and inspirationto me! A great advocate to the sport!

  2. This is great, thanks and thank you to Cheryl too. She looks great but more than that she’s very inspirational. Cheers!

  3. As a point of interest, the INBF is actually the amateur affiliate organization for the WNBF (the federation in which Cheryl is a Pro). Other than that, FANTASTIC interview!! Thank you so much, I LOVE to read stuff about pro women as I hope to be there myself one day. The WNBF is a fantastic organization and I actually plan on attending the World Championships in November – so I guess I’ll see her on stage!! Verryyyyyy cool. 🙂

    • I’m doing Pro Universe in September in NYC as well, it’ll be my first pro show. I”m excited and nervous about both. I didn’t want worlds to be my first pro event.

      • Ah! I have a bunch of questions now… If I am not mistaken, do you need to qualify for worlds? My contest prep coach is doing competing in it this year and I vaguely remember him saying a while ago that he had to qualify back in 2009 (the last time he did it). Also, how do you plan on handling maintaining contest condition an extra 2-3 mo. after Pro Universe?

        Don’t be nervous – your hard work is clearly evident. Yes there will be stiff competition, but you are part of that competition and I have no doubt you will bring the best you’ve got 🙂 That’s all you CAN do after all!

    • bikiniorbust says

      Good catch! I am fixing it right now. 🙂

  4.’s official. i love her!! you weren’t kidding when you said she was perfect..and she is funny too ‘craptastic” ha ha. i like her mindset..she is very centered 🙂 🙂 And i think its just FAB that she is naturall..but also natural in her foods. to compete in her federation and be natural as a female BB is difficult..the diet is EVERYTHING cause you have no other option. YEP..she’s my idol too now 🙂

  5. Thanks ladies!! 🙂

  6. Cheryl has great class and shows a true reflection of perfection in her craft of bodybuilding.
    Thanks for all your amazing hard work and performer in the industry!

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