I Deserve Fast Food? Huh?

While I was driving to Rexall Place this morning, I heard the most outrageous comment on the radio.

“Its the weekend! You’ve been working hard, going to the gym, and dieting all week. Reward yourself. Order that pizza, go to the drive thru, and get take out. You deserve it!”


I turned the radio volume up just to make sure I was hearing correctly as he continued to blather on and on about how Pizza Hut and McDonalds were a well deserved reward after a week of working out and eating right.

I was officially confused.


Father forgive him, for I don't think he knows what he is saying...

According this way of thinking, I deserve to throw all my hard work of the past week down the drain and have nothing to show for it.

Since when is self sabotage a treat?

I know what he was getting at; rest, relaxation, taking it easy, and enjoying yourself. There are a ton of ways to do that which won’t make you unsuccessful with your health goals.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Naps, naps, and more naps
  • Forcing my kind hearted husband into watching a girl movie with me
  • Walk in the river valley
  • Reading a good book
  • Volunteering to help someone else out
  • Meandering through the Farmer’s Market
  • Playing games with friends
  • Sticking my nose in a fabulous book

Fast food is not a reward in my book; even if it comes wrapped all nice and pretty.

How do you celebrate the weekend while staying true to your goals?

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  1. Gah! This is awful! its an uphill battle with some of my clients too! They feel ‘entitled’ to cheating on the weekend or as most people call it treating. My whole thing is about REWARDING your hard work not undoing it! There are so many great friendly options to eat and do rather than binge of fast food. Then again I’m preaching to the choir!

  2. I would kill for a nap!! The only relaxing time I get is playing with my kids. As long as they are all in a good mood, it’s great 🙂 we play basketball, jump on the trampoline or play at the park. I think we are all in that mindset that food is a reward.

  3. I celebrate by enjoying my health and confidence I have now. I don’t celebrate in food anymore. McDonalds and Pizza Hut aren’t on my list of celebrations that is for sure!

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