Two Hospital Gown Day

Its a Four Alarm Fire!

I can’t be only one that says these kinds of  things and has no idea what they really mean.

According to my friend, Wikipedia, this alarm numbering is a way to categorize fires:

“One-alarm, two-alarm, three-alarm fires, or higher, are categories of fires indicating the level of response by local authorities, with an elevated number of alarms indicating increased commitment of resources. The term multiple-alarm is a quick way of indicating that a fire was severe and difficult to contain. This system of classification is common in the USA among both fire departments and news agencies.”

I like categorizing things. It goes hand in hand with the funny competitor OCD part of me that will take off that extra celery stick off the food scale or refuse to even lick a spoon while on contest prep.

Today was a ‘Two Hospital Gown Day’.

The first gown was at the Chiropractor’s office.

Donloree gown

Feeling nervous with the open back and pictures of spines everywhere....

I was hoping to get some Active Release Therapy (ART) done on my hip because walking, sitting, standing, sleeping…heck, even eating is uncomfortable.

After getting my back scanned, marching in place, having every vertebrae prodded, and reviewing my medical history the Chiropractor increased my day to a two hospital gown day by sending me for x-rays.

Apparently I am severe and difficult to contain.

Donloree hospital gown 2

I enjoyed the cut of then neck. An a-symmetrical design is always flattering.

In order to put on the second gown of the day I was directed to small room to change and was told to ‘leave my clothes in the room’.

This sign hung in the room.

xray sign

How do you define 'valuables'?

It made me question whether or not I should shove my bra into my purse. I may not technically need it, but it is valuable to society that I wear it.

I was risky and left it in the small change room.

The chiropractor asked me to wait for the disc with my x-rays and then bring them back to him in order to book another appointment for diagnosis, ART, and other chiropractic adventures.

While I waited I caught up on Charlie Sheen’s shenanigans.

Donloree Reading

Wow...these people need real jobs!

Three hours, two hospital gowns, and one more appointment until I can get some relief.

Until then I will be a foam rolling maven.

The last thing we need is a Three Hospital Gown Day!

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  1. You are such a trooper and you stay so positive with everything going on. That is so admirable. Keep your chin up girl, you’re awesome and you’ll get all of this straightened out sooner or later!

    PS- I love the pics-they make me giggle =)

  2. I’m with Lisa. Your pictures CRACK me up! LOVE it! Sorry you still don’t have any relief. Yes, make friends with the roller. Tennis ball or la crosse balls can also be your friends! Hope you get some comfort soon!!!!!

    • bikiniorbust says

      The tennis ball was my saving grace! I spent some quality time trying to work out the severely seized muscles. 🙂 2 more sleeps!

  3. Man are we on the same wavelength! I just switched to a new new chiro a few weeks ago because my right hip had been killing me and my left shoulder was significantly higher than my right. She ordered some xrays and it turns out I have mild scoliosis that curves to the left, I am missing lower ribs and a cockeyed rib cage. Hmmm no wonder I’ve been in so much pain!! lol!

    Hope you get some relief and some answers asap!!

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