The Starting Line

On May 22 I was feeling bold and audacious. I stated that I would post monthly progress pictures starting today.

Today is here and I am not feeling bold nor audacious, but I am committed.

Progress pictures it is.

Due to the health issues, metabolic rebuild, and my never ending battle with Gertrude these pictures aren’t fantabulous, but they aren’t horrible. I may be nearly 20 pounds heavier than I was for my show in October, but I am not the same woman that stepped on that stage. I am better, and getting better every single day.

Its only Day 3 of Operation Pro, which officially means I am doing amazing.

I am one step closer to loosening the death grip self loathing has on me.

Usually I look at pictures of myself and grimace.

Donloree Grimace

I will not allow myself to look at myself and my progress like this again. This is the face of pure self loathing.

Today I am determined to actually see ME.

Determined Donloree

Determined, but not loathing. And YES, I may possibly have the biggest eyes on the planet.

Grab your sunglasses and join me at the starting line.

Donloree Side pose

Looks easy to do, but its hard! Seconds later I bent over and started to gasp for air.

Donloree Back

No. Self. Loathing. Check out the hammies! 🙂 hah!

Donloree Back

And I am growing some muscles, so that makes me happy!! Yay for more food.

This is just the beginning, and its a pretty fabulous beginning if I get to say so myself.

I am growing muscles and learning to be the best me possible!

Next progress pictures will be coming on June 27, so don’t lose those sunglasses!

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  1. Giiirl. I see those hammies! Yes, I do! And you MUST teach me that side pose.

  2. Girlllllllll you totally Rock!!!! I cant wait to see what great progress you are going to make 🙂

    I want to learn the pose too!!!! I feel you making a you tube how to video soon 😉

  3. Chrystal cook says

    You look awesome!!!! An encouragement to all, I have had some friends reading my blog and they say I am good and to not stop at 4. Eekkkkk

    I wish you good luck and power as you continue on your journey I will be very happy as my Gertrude goes away!!!!

  4. I have my Coach sunglasses on and I spy with my little eyes someone’s hammies….holla! 🙂


  5. We appreciate your honesty in putting this out there. I think it’s so cool to watch someone’s progression. Plus knowing you have to post progress pics makes you more honest!

    • bikiniorbust says

      I’m becoming the more honest than I ever thought I would be and I love it! 🙂 Thanks for the support.

  6. You look great. 🙂 Progress pictures are always oh so scary. I still haven’t posted any. :-/ So kuddos to you for being so brave! I LOVE that you can see your hamstrings in that back view! NICE! And you are growing wings!!! KEEP IT UP!

  7. Hello! I’ve been blog stalking you for a long time now! I’ve always admired your will power and all of the women that compete. Well, a few weeks ago I decided that I want to compete in figure! Also, I’m coming out of the shadows to comment on your blog 😉

    Keep it up pretty lady!

    • bikiniorbust says

      Blog stalk! I love this. 🙂 I am so excited about your commitment to compete; that is so exciting!! Thank you for coming out of the shadows, I can’t wait to see you on stage. Woot!!

  8. I love you, you rock. and I think you have the perfect starting place!!

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