Functional Training

Functional training it is important because it ensures you can do things like walk, bend, pick up things, and live life without pain when you get older.

Some examples of functional exercises are:

  • Mountain climbers
  • Push up hops
  • Spidermans

I utterly despise all of these exercises; mostly because my body isn’t functional. Hence the Active Release Therapy, aka death session, I have scheduled for Thursday…

I was feeling bad about my lack of functional training, until I had a revelation.

Functional training is training for your life, right?

Yes, exactly.

My life involves eating, training, and walking in tall heels with absolute ease. What if I put it all together?

Donloree’s Functional Training.

Step 1 – Train hard at the local YMCA early in the morning.

Don Wheaton YMCA

I love living, working, and training downtown. Living the urban life and loving it!

Step 2 – Go to Costco directly after AM client meeting in suit and heels.

Step 3 – Purchase enough egg whites to make the cashier question your sanity.

egg whites

'Did you mean to get FIVE of these?"

Step 4 – Carry both bags to the car without the cart using an isometric tricep death grip.

Step 5 – Haul gym bag, laptop bag, purse, library books, and Costco bag up to your condo in one trip while wearing your heels.

Donloree one trip

One trip folks! Now this is what I call functional...or stupid...not sure which!

My head was held high, lats spread, almost every muscle in my body was flexed, the heels stayed on, and I didn’t fall over.

Figure Functional Training at its FINEST.

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  1. BAHAHAHA egg whites. lol I would just like to say how much I HATE mountain climbers sigh…for some reason I feel like i have no leg coordination.

  2. I am sitting here eating my egg whites as I type this…lol.

    All those bags in heels…yup, that’s me on my way into work, 6 pack cooler, gym bag, bookbag and purse. Heavy!

  3. Chantelle says

    “Did you mean to get 5 of these??”
    DL – “No I actually meant to get the whole case but I didn’t have room in my cart.”

  4. I on the other hand love functional training. It’s honestly what keeps me lean given the large quantities of food I consume. Similar to you, I buy so much egg whites, club soda (for the bf) and chicken I’m apparently known at my local grocer as being the “crazy chicken girl.”

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