Epic Challenge Required

I live with an ‘ideas man‘. My husband is the king of ideas.  He was the one that planted the idea in my head to be a competitor, start a daily blog, be a leadership coach, travel to NYC for a conference on self publishing with two days notice, and many other crazy things that I have done and loved over our 11 years together.

Looking back, I have taken almost all of his super crazy and intense ideas and gone for them. Some of them I even made bigger and more ridiculous.


I love, no I NEED, an epic challenge.

If it is easy or can be done by most, you probably won’t find me doing it. This is why I end up doing things like hand cutting 600 slate tiles for a mosaic backsplash in our kitchen, installing toilets with only Google and a wrench as resources, or volunteering to cater a conference with no previous catering experience.

And if you tell me that it can’t be done; I will show you that it can and will be done.

Anything is possible.

Your past can either be a reminder of things that cannot be done or things that can.

Choose to make the present into a past that inspires the future.

What kind of proof for tomorrow are you creating today?

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  1. Alli Siemens says

    I can usually relate to most of your posts, but this one in particular made me smile…I am so much like that too – except my husband thinks I’m nuts most of the time and I have to convince him otherwise LOL. He doesn’t quite understand my overwhelming need for stimulation (aka challenge) — but I’m glad there are others like me out there!

    • bikiniorbust says

      See I don’t like change at all. 🙂 But I like WINNING. So I have to get over my fear and dislike of change to win!

      Oh…and Jon thinks I am out of my mind; no question about that!

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