Exxon Valdez Sized Results

Give me chest and bicep day or give me death…*ahem* leg day!

I *heart* chest and bicep day. When I train chest and biceps there are no ‘You’re a Champion, So Train Like One‘ speeches required, lip synching to my music usually happens, and I literally beam the whole time I train.

Then I can barely wash my hair.

After a great chest and bicep day shampoo goes into the palm of one hand and then it is cupped by the other hand in similar form as bumping a volleyball. In this scenario it isn’t Bump, Set, Spike! It’s Swing, Splat, Smoosh.

It works and that is all that matters.

Today I had a meeting with a stylish man in fabulous checkered shorts directly after training my chest and biceps.

I sat down, cupped my mug with both hands, and brought it to my lips to take a glorious sip. Halfway to my mouth I put the coffee mug down.

DL – Oh wow. Chest and bicep day makes even drinking coffee a complex task!

Stylish Man in Fabulous Checkered Shorts – (momentary confusion in his eyes) Yes. Ahh, you just finished training didn’t you?

DL – Yes. Sorry to be so strange.

SMIFCS – No problem. I totally understand I used to train in a similar manner. Back and hams, legs, shoulders and triceps…

Once we got into the heart of our meeting, the SMIFCS proceeded to ask me questions that I couldn’t help but get excited about.

  • Who do you want to help most?
  • Tell me about what brought you to where you are today?
  • What are you most passionate about in life?

Have I mentioned that I talk with my hands when I get exited?

hand talking + chest/bicep day + hot coffee = Exxon Valdez sized spill all over SMIFCS

SMIFCS – Umm, oh wow. Lots of coffee…(trying to stay composed and not make me feel bad)

DL – OH. MY. GRACIOUS!! Save us now!! (wildly pulling napkins out of the dispenser like a mad woman)

SMIFCS – No worries. Not a problem. It is actually refreshing.

DL – Refreshing? Ok, you get the ‘nicest man of the day’ award.

After using up all the napkins in the dispenser, looking for a place to hide and not finding one, and many assurances that all would be just fine; the meeting resumed.

I had no idea that a great chest and bicep day could give so much refreshment to others. Did you?

Want to be refreshed? Just book a coffee meeting with me right after chest and bicep day.

Next Friday anyone?

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  1. Chrystal cook says

    That’s awesome!!!!!!!

  2. I nearly choked on my almond cuz I burst out laughing. Way to work the epic moment, girl!

  3. jeanette says

    I love it when you are just Donloree, because you are fabulous even after spilling coffee on SMIFCs!

  4. ROFL!!! Oh wow! That’s hysterical! And so something I’d do, too! LOL!

  5. The gurgling words the shorts of SMIFC said as it was immersed into the washer:
    “You can’t do this to me! I’m checkered AND 100% cotton! Do you hear me?! Why is no one else in this pool? Is this solitary confinement? Wait. Where are you going? Are you leaving me here to soak? Noooooooo”

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