Maybe I’m a Civilized Cavewoman?

I am a full out foodie, but this isn’t news to anyone that has read my blog more than twice.

Not only am I a foodie, but I am a high maintenance foodie. No sugar, no gluten, no sweeteners, no dairy…I basically eat Paleo.

Creativity has been severely lacking in my kitchen lately.

Egg whites and sweet potatoes again? Sure…SIGH…

Today I stumbled across this gem of a website and now I want to turn in my foodie membership and get a Civilized Cavewoman membership. Hah!

Paleo food that makes me happy!! Pancakes...I haven't had pancakes in ages!!!

The recipes sound and look fantabulous!

Apple cinnamon cookies, caveman crunch, and coconut and almond chocolate cake?!

Civilized Caveman Creations

Perhaps I can have my cake AND eat it too!

Yes puh-lease!!!

The macros aren’t accounted for on the website, but I am more than happy to do the math if I get cake!

This website makes my Figure Competitor heart sing.

Who else wants to become a Civilized Cavewoman?!

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  1. Thanks for the link. Wow – great-looking recipes. Something about this whole Paleo thing is so fascinating.

  2. OMG!! did you know that some how a couple of days ago i saw this on FB and was ALL OVER IT?? sure i can’t have any of those recipes..but mmm..there was this pumpkin blueberry bread or something..and …MY MOUTH STARTED WATERING!! lol.
    Great minds think alike 🙂

    • bikiniorbust says

      You can’t eat any of them?! Not even if they are made with almond flour or coconut flour? See, we need to get you on the macro counting bandwagon! 🙂

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