I Am Doing This!

How do you stay on track when dealing with negativity?

While prepping for a contest, or even just preparing to achieve a goal, how do you handle naysayers and those who don’t support you? Do you have a mantra you repeat? A friend you call? What helps you take your eyes off the obstacle, and back on the task at hand?

Fitness Blog World is answering this question tonight. As part of this fabulous group, here is my answer!

Some competitors have completely non supportive friends and family members; people who try to force feed them dessert, make fun of them, and do anything they can to sabotage them.

I am blessed to have the most supportive friends and family on the planet.

My family and friends don’t blink an eye when I eat food from my purse, pass on dessert, practice posing in the bathroom for an hour over Thanksgiving, ask if I can smell their food, and leave for a a few hours to do my second cardio session of the day.

They actually ask me about my training and food and would do anything they can to keep me on track.

Once during Peak Week they thought I was about to eat a candy. I had 6 different people nearly leaping over the table to save me from myself. After the shock of being nearly mobbed wore off, I started to laugh uncontrollably. Such fabulous support!

So I have no support problems, right?

Wrong. Oh so wrong.

My naysayers live inside of me and are constantly nattering away telling me why I am fat, ugly, incapable, a complete and utter failure, and am never going to get my pro card. I have developed the superpower of selective hearing and ignore them as much as possible…unfortunately they know how to yell.

I have come up with some ways to prove them wrong time and time again.

  1. Train like a mad woman at the gym.
    Nothing shuts up the naysayers like pressing 60 pounds over your head or getting a personal best in chin ups.
  2. Ask the experts for their expert opinion.
    I work with fabulous trainers, and when I feel like this thing cannot be done I ask them what they think. After all, they have trained pros galore and if they know I can do it, then it can be done. Besides the voices in my head don’t have PhDs or years and years of expertise like Mark and Joe, heck, they haven’t even gone to school!
  3. Journal.
    I constantly have my journal with me and put the swirling thoughts down on paper. Getting them out of me is half the battle. When I read what I think, feel, and believe its much easier to see how ridiculous it is.
  4. Write out what’s true.
    I often write out notes about what is actually true about me and post them on the wall in a place I can see every day. My current note to myself reads like this:

I am worth fighting for.
I am worth sticking to the plan.
I am worth resting for.
I am worthy of NOT over indulging.

I am a warrior!

I find and choose to believe the truth and remember that I AM doing this. There is no ‘can’t be done‘ in my life. I am doing it every single day no matter what negative thoughts come my way.

How do you overcome the internal negative chatter that tries to keep you from being who you’ve been created to be?

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  1. Alli Siemens says

    Yes, this internal battle seems to be the theme! Thank goodness we DO have great support people to help keep us on track!!

  2. I have these same inner critics and sometimes its so overwhelming I can’t breath. The only way I have found to fight them is to prove them wrong and to continue to say positives even though they spew negative.

    • bikiniorbust says

      Yes, fight fire with fire! I have to tell myself all the positive things about myself that they so conveniently leave out. 🙂

  3. Chrystal says

    Awesome awesome awesome I love what you write it really is awesome!!! I have a part good support system but part not but that’s ok I don’t need those who aren’t my own mother says to me last night why do you tell your trainer everything because for mothers day we went to a buffet restaurant for dinner which is for one soooo expensive and I like it but there’s sooo much stuff and u eat too much so I was very sluggish for my workout yesterday so she knew something and why would I pay $800 a month for my membership and hide things she’s there to help me and kick my butt into shape that’s what I pay them for I’m still learning and I thought it was good cus it’s healthier there then other places!!! But it’s hard to eat well and then we were takin her there for dinner and she was like I’d be happy with a banana split for dinner grrrr and she is very diabetic takin insulin like hellOoooo crazy woman but I will overcome!!!!

    So thanks for all your encouragement I might not be a figure competitor but u sure inspire me anyhow !!!

  4. Thanks so much for your transparency. I’m one who struggles with that inner-naysayer, and your words really hit me where I’m at this morning. Thank you.

    • bikiniorbust says

      The inner nay-sayers are so sneaky! I have to give mine a shove out the door most days! 🙂

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