Bras and Waffle Irons

I really don’t have a need for either in my life now that I am a Figure Competitor.

waffle iron and bras

Belgium bras anyone?

Waffle Irons

I haven’t made waffles in 5 years, cleaning the darn thing is EPIC, and I would prefer to spend my carbs on a bowl of raspberries over a waffle any day.


This may come as a complete shock, but boobs are made of fat. *GASP*  I wear a bra to be a good woman, but let me tell you it is not out of necessity!

What do you no longer need now that you’re a competitor?

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  1. LOL I love this post 🙂 It made me giggle and it’s almost midnight here. Love it!

  2. Tiffany Miller says

    I don’t even know where my pretty bras are anymore. My flapjack titts live in a sports bra now! 😛 Today I packed all my pasta and glutinous flour into a bag to give to my friends. It has no place in my house anymore.

    • bikiniorbust says

      I did that about a year ago! Then at Christmas I had to go and buy tons of baking supplies for the Christmas baking I wanted to do. My hubby eats the way that I do, so that’s super nice. He just gets more rice, yams, quinoa, and veggies. 🙂 Although I do make him muffins that I don’t eat. 🙂 I just LOVE the smell of them as they bake.

  3. Funny! Oh….LOL…..Love it!

  4. Chrystal says

    Ummmm that excites me as mine aren’t that big and I don’t personally much care for them lol so if they are going to shrink then I’m all gor that lol

  5. AHAHAHA! I have no use for bras anymore either and I just wear them to make the girls look good =)

    • bikiniorbust says

      I don’t need them, rather the world needs them in a severely padded form so that they accept me as a woman in society! hah! My favorite description of boobs from a competitor that used to have larger ones, “Boob? What boobs? You must mean my socks with a bit of sand in them.”

  6. Haha I love in sports bra’s. My boyfriend has come up with the new term for my “girls” when theyre in a sports bra…the uniboob.

  7. I have “found” waffles … I have a new post contest ritual called Waffles for breakfast .. you can send me your waffle maker if you want 😉

  8. HA HA!! i no longer need jeans apparently..because i dont own a single pair that wants to fit. Yesterday the jeans i was wearing wouldn’t stay up even though i was wearing a belt..HA HA

    • bikiniorbust says

      Oh you have got to love that! This is why I have embraced skirts – they can either be worn around your waist or your hips, the only thing that changes is the length! Time ot buy some skirts!! I’ve invested in some decent belts, they are a must have for Competitors. 😀

  9. Shot glasses
    All of my work clothes because they’re all too big and now I just wear gym clothes anyway
    Ummm.. and I have to buy all new underwear because mine are too big now! I need those, but I had to share.

    • bikiniorbust says

      YES! I forgot about my wine glasses and martini shaker…don’t need those either. Although I WISH I needed them. hah!

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