The Tortoise, Eh?

Its slow and kinda ugly, but the tortoise wins every time.

Dave Ramsey

I always wanted to be the hare.

Quick, perky, and cute. At first glance it seems like the winning choice.


Who doesn't want to be this cute?

But I don’t want to be skittish, frightened, and easily chased off course whenever anything scary comes my way. A hare spends most of its life running away from it’s problems and is constantly hunted.

Being a Figure Competitor means embracing the tortoise.

Unwavering, determined, and focussed is what I choose to be. When adversities come a tortoise’s way, it is immovable. It does not run off course, rather it relies on its strength for protection. Once the danger passes, it starts up from where it left off with one foot in front of the other.


Its cute in it's own steadfast kind of way, right?

  • Putting on muscle takes years
  • Figuring out how your body responds best to exercise and diet is a science experiment
  • Everyday disciplines add up to huge results
  • Slow and steady creates unstoppable momentum over time

One strong and determined step in front of the other is the way I am going.

It may be kinda ugly at times, but I am going to win the race!


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  1. Chrystal cook says

    I want to be a tortoise too!!!! Steady being my key I think and consistent!!! I learned tonight that it really does help to pack food when you are going somewhere… I packed food and when those around me with French fries soaked in gravy and greasy burgers and said you want some I pulled out my cucumbers n dip and ate it happily with pride that I had strength to say no!!!! Now had I not packed the food you know what I would’ve done…..yay me!!!!! Ps I loved the cucumbers and didn’t feel at all like I was being ripped off….in the past I would have felt really upset and given in!!!!!

  2. I love this. It’s so easy for us to complain about our bodies not doing what we want or getting the muscles we want or shaping the way we want. I’m notorious for it. I have to remind myself that these people I adore and look up to have been doing this for years. I’ve been doing it for a year and a half. They’re younger and have bodies that bounce back a little easier than this old body. They have been active all of their lives, me, I took my 20’s off. I have to learn to give credit where it’s deserved and I will persevere! So yes, I’ll join you as the tortoise and take it slow and steady…. =)

  3. Love this post! So true!

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