Fab Friday – Team

Its been about a week since I put out the challenge for people to develop their fabulous muscle. I took myself up on the challenge; seemed easy enough, right?

I’ve had many observations and ‘ah hah!’ moments this week while I tweeted what was fabulous about me and told others what was fabulous about them. I thought I would have a huge revelation about some internal psychosis, but my biggest ‘ah hah!’ is that Being Fab means you know how to be part of a team.

The Bikini Or Bust women rock my world.

It takes courage to share yourself and be part of a team. In doing so, you become more fabulous.

What I love about the Bikini Or Bust women:

  • They live life to the full
  • Dreams are made a reality
  • Love and encouragement are given away; never hoarded
  • There is grace for shortcomings, even if it is nut butter
  • Seeing the best in others and themselves is second nature
  • Being a champion is a choice they make every single morning

This week our fabulous team grew by three women! Tenecia, Kari, and Tiffany have joined us in chasing down our dreams and striving to be the best women they can be. You will get to meet each of them later, but trust me when I say they are each inspirational and gorgeous on the inside and out.

I have no doubt that the BoBettes will change the world.  In fact they already have changed the world for me in incredible ways.

What team will you create to increase your fabulousity*?

*’Fabulousity’ is totally a word in the Dictionary-Loree! 😉

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  1. LMAO…Fabulousity is an awesome word (putting it in my dictionary too)

    I found that by #beingfab this week that it opens me up more than i thought it would. It gives me reasons to look at myself..analyze my strengths. WHICH I LIKED (and hated caue it took me from 0-10 in one shot..ha ha..i’m not used to the attention, but thank you for letting me be apart of your #beingfab crew..i enjoy it so much 🙂
    oh and btw…Donloree = FABULOUS!!!

  2. YAY! Excited to have new people with us! =)

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