Holy Panic Batman!

Yesterday at midnight Donloree Time the application period for submitting your video to be part of the Fabulous Bikini or Bust group closed.

I went to bed happy that the next phase of the group was about to start.

But then when I checked my email this morning, severe panic hit.

Panic Donloree

Meet Panic-Loree! OH MY GRACIOUS!!!!

In my inbox were several emails from women saying their emails with their fantabulous videos did not go through. EEK!

Then my mind went crazy with all the ‘what if‘ scenarios that I could think of.

If you sent me a video and did not hear back from me, I DID NOT get your video!

Solution time.

Please forward your original email with your video to donloree at gmail.com. Gmail is apparently nicer to emails that have video attachments. Who knew?

Now I can sleep easy knowing that every fabulous woman that applied will be given an equal opportunity.


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