From Flab To Fab

We all have friends with gorgeous houses and fancy cars. Some days it is hard not to lust after the things they have that we do not have.

Completely fabulous! You are basically royalty if you live here!

I mean, who doesn’t want to live in a house like that?

Some of people know how good they have it and others complain about things that make you cringe on the inside.

“I really need to upgrade my BMW…there are only heated seats in the front!”

“My built in wine fridge is too small to hold all my vintage wines; I am going to have to tear it out and put a larger one in. SUCH a pain in the butt!”

“Oh the housekeeper forgot to dust the baseboards in the laundry room. I am going to have to speak to her about this!”

When someone is living in such a fabulous house and they complain about these things it is hard to keep your thoughts to yourself. After all, you would KILL to have even one heated seat in your car when its -40 outside, be able to afford vintage wines and have a wine fridge to put them in, or have someone else clean your house for you on a weekly basis.

At times I am guilty of being a complainer.

I often complain about things that others think are fabulous; mostly when it comes to my body. There are many people who would love to have my body, yet all I do is complain about it.

All I see is flabby, but there is so much fabulous to see and enjoy! I developed my flabby perspective when all my clothes had an XL on the label, sitting in an airplane seat was torture because I spilled over the arm rests, and wearing a bathing suit was a form of torture and public humiliation.

For 31 years I have practiced seeing, commenting, and complaining about the flabby parts of me. This is a well honed skill that is as much second nature to me as breathing is.

It is time to stop being a complainer and making people cringe when I complain about how good I have it.

I am moving from flab to fab!

Michelle reminded me that you can choose to develop whatever discipline you want. So I am going to develop the discipline of being fabulous. But I don’t want to be fabulous alone!

For the whole month of May I will be training my ‘Being Fabulous’ muscle and want you to train them with me.

If you want to join in with me here is what to do:

  • Every morning when you brush you teeth find something fabulous about yourself and say it out loud. (Note: perhaps spit out the toothpaste before declaring how fabulous you are)
  • Tweet what is fabulous about you and use the hashtag #beingfab. I have cute smile lines! #beingfab
  • Write a blog post once a week about what is fabulous about you and send me the link at dl at (So this should be 4 blog posts in total)
  • Tell one other person about something that is fabulous about them. It could be a family member, a lady in the Starbucks line up, the grocery clerk….whoever! It doesn’t matter who it is, just that you spread around the fab!

So if you’re in let me know if the comments below and I will expect to see daily tweets and be getting an email once a week with a link to your ‘Being Fab‘ blog posts during the month of May.

Say no to Flab and start being FAB!

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  1. I would love to join your Month of Fab! Totally in!

  2. Tiffany Miller says

    I’m so in!!!

  3. Chrystal says

    I’m excited I’m in!!!! I just put to follow you on twitter but how do I write a blog

    • bikiniorbust says

      Nice! I followed you back on twitter. Blog…you have to create a blog! Blogger or are free solutions if you want to start blogging. 🙂

  4. Everytime you write I swear I feel like you are reading my mind =)

  5. Im so in! i love this idea! you rock!

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