I have received a lot of comments and opinions about my new eating plan…the one where I just eat what I want as long as its clean…the one where I may or may not have feasted on nuts yesterday.

Ok, I will let the cat out of the bag. There definitely a nut extravaganza at my house yesterday! It totally happened and I was the happiest and sassiest woman in all of Edmonton.

I appreciate all of the love, support, and concern that people have for me. I am truly loved.

Somewhere along the way a few people have gotten the idea that I think I have it all together and that I don’t think I have any food issues.

I know I have food issues. I promise!

Just today my husband was weighing himself and he made a comment to me that keeps going through my head.

Remember when you used to weigh more than me?

My husband is tall and has an athletic build, so weighing more than him and being a woman is a feat! Weighing more than your 6’1″ husband is a sure sign that you don’t have it all together and have some rather epic food issues.

So I don’t have it all together, but I never promised that I did.

Rather I have promised to work at being the best Donloree on the planet every single day that I wake up; food issues and all.

I know with my whole heart that one day I won’t have food issues anymore, but until that day comes I will continue to be a champion and fight the good fight and be true to my promise.

What are you promising yourself?

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  1. Promises I don’t break promises so I made promises to my trainer it’s really helping. Right now she is the most important person in my life helping me in all aspects. I really really want to be healthy and strong and maybe someday I can overcome these feats on my own!! But for now I am creating a relationship with an amazing person and doing things beyond my imagination! I do have more strength and determination then I ever thought possible but I’m scared. Scared if people will still like me and if more people will like me I know it doesn’t make sense but I think I’m a pretty nice person n I just don’t know I guess time will tell and I’ll get to know me in a new way!!! And stop cringing in the mirror cus right now I think I’m disgusting will that change????

    • bikiniorbust says

      I am so glad that you have such a fabulous trainer and support system, that is awesome. Change is always a tad bit scary, but if you like yourself I know other people will like you too. They take the lead from you. Cringing in the mirror may or may not change – that’s an internal issue not and external one…I still struggle with not cringing in the mirror some days and I am fit and cute according to the world. I am choosing to see the good and the cringing is going away.

  2. Love this post–you’re such an inspiration and so open! Sometimes I think everyone has food issues, but some people are more ready to admit it than others. I’ll admit that I have my own food issues, and there’s either two options–keep on going with those issues or CHANGE.

    • bikiniorbust says

      Exactly. No one said fit people don’t have food issues! I think as long as we keep trying to do better every day and learn from what didn’t go well in the past then its success.

  3. I promise to let go of the past and keep moving forward. Even if that means it isn’t a perfect week. But each day I do something better then I did the day before. 😉

    • bikiniorbust says

      Love this Sarah. LOVE THIS. Yes, each day you get the opportunity to get and do better. Yesterday is in the past, let’s both leave it there! 🙂

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