She’s A Scale Watcher

I am 7 months out from my competition and all I can think about is my stage weight. I know, I KNOW! Completely and totally ridiculous.

Joe and I agreed on a number that we will aim for, but really have no idea what a good stage weight will be for me in October. At this point, its a bit of a guesstimate because I am so far out from my show. I am definitely gaining muscle, but with the muscle comes fat.

In the past week I have eaten clean as a whistle, worked hard at the gym, and rested and I should.

The result? A 3 pound weight gain.

This darned thyroid disorder is making me crazy and it also just makes me laugh.

I could pretend that those 3 pounds are pure muscle, but I know that is impossible. There hasn’t been a carb refeed, binge, or anything that could explain water retention either.

Now we all know the scale is straight from the pit of hell and that we can’t believe a thing it says unless it tells us that we are getting lighter, right? *wink*

Here’s the thing: what you think about, you become.

I’m becoming an anxious, scale watching food dictator. I sure don’t want to be that woman.

Donloree Scale Watching

Such an intense look. Eep! It may not be scaring the scale, but it sure scares me!

Its time to think about something else. I want to be a happy, self loving Figure Competitor.

Meh! All I know is this face is waaayyyy better!

So I will just laugh and choose to be the healthiest me on the inside and trust that one day soon it will show up on the outside.

What are you choosing on the inside that is showing up on the outside?

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  1. I use to be that woman that watches the scale and log my food because that was the only way I felt comfortable, but as time has gone on I’ve been in maintenance for 3 years now and have released those things and it feels wonderful! I also have a thyroid disease Hypo-Thyroid, but my Endo says it has nothing to do with my weight. He says people give it to much credit, so I just continue to try my hardest to maintain and work out more and more.

  2. I don’t own a scale my trainer will let me weigh just once a month which I kinda like better. One time I didn’t lose however I gained muscle it was really hard for me but she said it was great because I gained muscle and my fat percentage is going down the numbers of weight aren’t always beat to go by. I do still have a long way to go and I will weigh in next week and am really hoping I have lost over 30 pounds which last time was 27 so here’s to hoping!!!!

  3. Oh I am so there with you. I’m aiming for early October or mid November to compete but I’m obsessed with the scale and getting my body to where I want it to be. Why? I want to just relax and eat what I want (good of course, not eat crap food) but I’m obsessed with writing everything down and keeping track of macros. I just want to enjoy this time before prep because I know prep will bring all of that out in me. It would be nice to find a happy medium =)

  4. BAHAHAHAHA “Now we all know the scale is straight from the pit of hell and that we can’t believe a thing it says unless it tells us that we are getting lighter, right? *wink*”

    My favorite quote of the day haha

  5. Love this post! I really enjoy your blog. The scale can be so evil- thanks for sharing your struggles!

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