When The Going Gets Tough…

The tough get going; at least that is how the saying goes.

I’m one tough woman and some days simply ‘being tough‘ isn’t enough. I need motivation in my life to keep me energized, focussed, and on the path of success.

I need to be inspired.

Inspiration brings light to my path when I find myself in the midst of a dark and lonely stretch in the journey. When health concerns, self loathing, and hopelessness crowd in I light the lamp of inspiration to see where I am going and that it can be done.

So what are my inspirations and motivations?

Incredible Dreams

I dream big and try to shoot the moon on a regular basis.


Yes please! One moon coming up.

This is a relatively new skill for me. I used to have small dreams because I didn’t know that I was worthy of big dreams. When all you have is small dreams it is easy to give up when you find yourself stumbling around in the dark. Asking yourself, ‘Why am I doing this?‘ isn’t helpful when all you have is small dreams to light your path. Small dreams are like a lone match that is easily blown out by the slightest breeze.

I want a search and rescue spotlight to show the way!

Tips for dreaming incredible dreams:

  • Keep a dream journal and write down everything that you want to do or be no matter what they are.
  • Spend time thinking about who you want to be 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years from now, then make it bigger.
  • Be honest with yourself about how fabulous you actually are and ask, “What’s next for this fabulous woman?


I need to know that I am not doing something that is completely impossible. Some days I just need to know that this thing can and will be done.

My heroes aren’t the people that have arrived, rather the people that have overcome. When you see the final product or people that have ‘arrived‘ its easy to feel disappointed with yourself because you aren’t where they are and it seems so easy for them. There is power in sharing your story. This is one of the reasons that I blog. I don’t think I have it all figured out, but I hope that in the midst of my struggle and wins others will see what is possible for them.

Speaking of overcoming the impossible, meet Barbie Guerra. She is a gorgeous fitness competitor that has no arms. YES. She is in better shape than 98% of the world and has no arms. When I get upset about having Hashimoto or have a day where I hate myself because Gertrude (my muffin top) is making a scene, I remember my blessings.

Barbie Guerra

Wow. That is all I have to say about this.

Heroes can give you a new perspective on life if you let them.

Tips for finding heroes:

  • Talk to people that you admire. Email, Twitter, and Facebook are a great way to connect with people you admire.
  • Don’t assume everyone has it easy.
  • Uproot the jealousy from your heart and be willing to see how amazing other people are.


Life is not meant to be lived alone, yet so many of us live it alone. Competitors are a unique breed of people and do things that many people do not understand. We need to know that we are not alone.

When I started training for my first competition, I didn’t know a soul that competed. I wanted to share my fears, hopes, dreams, interesting experiences, and questions with other women that just ‘got it’.

Sometimes you just want to sit down and say you are quitting; that you cannot go any further. A true community comes alongside of you and lets you scream, cry, and rant and then tells you to get off your arse and get going. They remind you that you are worth the struggle and push you to where you want to go even if that is the last thing you want in that moment.

I am blessed to have friends and family who support me, Twitter friends, a fantastic trainer, and a very smart and patient nutritionist; but most of all I have the Bikini or Bust women!

These women are amazing and each and every one of them is committed to being the very best woman they can be and helping the others to do the same. I have no doubt that without these women I would not be where I am today. (We are looking for a few more fabulous women to join our group…hint, hint…)

Tips for creating a community:

  • If there isn’t one, make it.
  • Choose to see the best in others and help them be it.
  • Be the friend that you want to have.

Knowing who I am

I am a champion that will change the world.

It takes guts to say that….or does it? Knowing who I am has been one of the biggest motivations and inspirations in my life. Instead of listening to all of the negative things; seeing what is possible for me and the great things about me propels me forward even in the midst of the pitch black darkness.

Champions don’t quit, give up, or say its too hard; they know who they are and what MUST be done…then they do it until they die.

When you encounter someone that is living out who they have been made to be it changes the world.

You can change the world. In fact, you MUST change the world.

Tips for knowing who you are:

  • Keep track of the things that make you lose track of time
  • Get curious about what makes you mad, sad, and glad.
  • Look for what is fabulous in you rather than what needs fixing.

Alli, Kari, Tiffany, Liz,, Dawn, Jen, Julia, Ashley, Colleen, Lisa, Tammy, and Kendra will also be sharing their motivations and inspirations – make sure to check them out!

So what motivates and inspires you?

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  1. Love this post! I love how you listed everything that helps you get through the tough times. It is hard when we are training sometimes and need to always remember to look at the bigger picture and look towards a goal even when it is far away.
    Inspiring story about barbie! I am glad you shared that I did not know

  2. I am so glad I ran across this website! Very inspirational and sometimes I too need motivation. Seeing Barbie’s website was very uplifting and hearing her story.

    • bikiniorbust says

      Is there huge motivation and power in hearing what other people have overcome? I was so inspired when I heard her story.

  3. Donloree, I have felt the same way… for the LONGEST time I didn’t ever feel like I was good enough to have dreams. And I’d never reach them anyway, so why try? Why create these elaborate dreams if I was just going to disappoint myself?
    The group of women that all engage in fitness or competing has completely changed my mindset. I love this community! 🙂

    • bikiniorbust says

      The women in this world are amazing indeed. I used to think I would never get anything I wanted because I wasn’t worth it. I was tired of my life, was constantly sad, and couldn’t risk having a broken heart AGAIN. I figured out that I was worth fighting for and haven’t looked back since. 🙂
      Go get your dreams girl!!

  4. My inspiration is all of my “peeps” I’m representing on that stage on Saturday. I have such an amazing community of women I am in touch with daily on this grand ol’ internet and the minute I step on that stage and people see me smile, I’m doing it for my ladies!!

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