8 Easy Steps to Stay on Diet at a Buffet

Special events are always a bit hard when you’re a Figure Competitor, especially when there are meals involved! Weddings, banquets, and award ceremonies are among the worst; plated meals being the most complicated to overcome.

If you have to go to a fancy event with a meal anytime soon – pray for a buffet! I have mastered the art of eating your own meal at a buffet without anyone noticing.

Step 1 – Pick a sassy and cute outfit,

Donloree black and white dress

Summery and sassy even though there is still snow on the ground…

Step 2 – Get your Ziploc On!

Donloree Ziploc

So I have to WAIT to eat…right?

Step 3 – Grab your biggest and cutest purse and shove the Ziplocs in it.

Donloree Purse

The size of a Figure Competitor’s purse is a crucial factor for success.

Step 4 – Line up for the buffet and grab a plate and then covertly fall out of line.

Line up for foodWhile their backs are turned you make the magic happen!

Step 5 – Retrieve hidden Ziplocs with your prized chicken and sweet potatoes.

Ziploc on the tableWhip out the Ziplocs and start plating your perfectly portioned meal.

Step 6 – Sit back and relax until the rest of the table arrives with their random food that you can’t eat.

Donloree waiting to eatNo one is going to be the wiser!!

Step 7 – DO NOT eat the dessert.

Yes it is DRENCHED in caramel…but that doesn’t make it ok.

Step 8 – Enjoy the event and your Super Woman skills in eating Ziploc purse food.

How do you eat on plan while attending special events?

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  1. Do you just eat a lot of lukewarm meals? That doesn’t sound very enjoyable. I mean, I realize it’s not really about the food, but lukewarm food just sounds really unappetizing.

  2. If you’re forced to carry a clutch for style reasons you can duct tape Ziploc bags to your inner thighs.

  3. I don’t usually take my own stuff with me unless I have reason to think there will really be nothing I could eat (that hasn’t happened yet). I find at a buffet there’s usually salad, chopped veggies, chicken, sometimes shrimp and other seafood and it’s nice to have a change from the stuff I make at home. As long as it fits my macros for the day and it’s not pre or post WO then I think it’s all good!


    • bikiniorbust says

      I would totally eat from the buffet if I could, unfortunately I have some health issues that really restrict my diet. I can’t eat gluten, sugar, dairy, green veggies, and a few other random things. So instead of just going for some meat and adding a side that works for me from my purse I just bring the whole thing. Unfortunately I have to be really disciplined in order to be healthy. 🙂

  4. You have more self control than anyone I know. You are totally my hero!

  5. I’m open about not eating buffet food, or other available foods. I will directly pull out my ziplock containers and enjoy my meal. Besides, me eating is about me and not what other people see me do. 🙂 But your covert-op is so smooth! I may try it just to be sneaky.

    • bikiniorbust says

      I like the covertness of it! I am usually covert just to avoid the bazillion and one questions…sometimes I like to just blend in. 🙂

  6. Love the narrative with photos! I do the same thing. 🙂 Why take a chance with buffet food? No one knows if the veggies were cooked in oil, butter, or some sort of sugary seasoning, etc., so I totally do the same thing. Have you ever seen purse coolers? I have one & it’s AWESOME! I just put a lil ice pack in it & it keeps my food cold, PLUS the purse is fashionable! 😀

    • bikiniorbust says

      Oh man, I need one of those STAT! I have been known to have a ice pack in my purse on hot summer days just to keep my meals fresh. 🙂

  7. When going to a bar for the day to wait for my boyfriend to run the Boston Marathon, I brought my own chicken and asparagus in a zip lock bag!!!

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