I forgot to train my calves!

On competition day there is usually one girl in her fabulous heels that has noticeably less defined calves. In fact, you wonder if she trained them at all! It seems she put all her faith in the sharp incline of the shoes to cover her lack of training.

If everything else is equal, suddenly training your calves or not training your calves makes or breaks you.

Let’s be honest, training calves really isn’t that fun; but it must be done if you want to be a well balanced competitor.

It’s the same in life. You have to train all parts of you, not just the easy parts. Having a positive attitude, choosing to see the best in yourself and others, not carrying regret, seeing success instead of failure, experiencing all things fully, and tackling life’s obstacles results in a balanced and well trained person.

Turns out I haven’t been training my calves.

I have been choosing not to experience all of the pain, hurt, and sadness that my health issues bring. I simply shove the feelings deep into the crevasses of my heart and walk away from them much like some people would a seated calf raise machine. The more bad news I get, the more I shove the feelings down and choose to train something else.

Calves matter. They may just be the defining factor for success or failure.

Feeling sad, angry, and emotional is normal; it doesn’t make you weak. By letting yourself experience all of the emotions in life, not just the happy ones, you become stronger. Its painful to train calves. Depending on the severity of training, walking and stair may be near impossible after a good calf day.

Its time for me to let the feelings come and choose to be stronger after experiencing them. Having them crammed down in the bottom of my heart makes me dependent on 5 inch clear heels to appear well balanced. I don’t just want to appear put together, I want to be the winner in my life.

I guess its time for me to walk funny for a few days…

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